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Recap: Masquerade Meltdown

Ep 15: Kenya's apology plan doesn't go as plan.

By Andrew Herrmann

You can breathe a sigh of relief, there will be no more fighting in lingerie this week, folks. Fighting in ball gowns, yes, but I promise no one will be dragged anywhere in lingerie.

We'll get to the masquerade madness later, so let's start with Porsha's audition for Kandi's musical. So she didn't exactly come out of the gate strong, when she clearly hadn't rehearsed the script all the much. (But hey, who wouldn't confuse BBQ and hot dogs?) However when she belted out her rendition of "Eye on the Sparrow" she blew everyone, including the ever cynical Don Juan, away. Frankly I think they were just happy not to here "Amazing Grace" yet again, but the girl definitely has some pipes.

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After Porsha took her eye off the sparrow, she decided to get all the girls together for a trip to a roller rink. Here we learned that Detroit requires you to be a rollerskating maven, so Kenya literally skated circles around everyone. (This girl could seriously have a career in the roller derby, she would be fierce!) Not everyone was quite so graceful however:


But the silver lining for Porsha was that while she's not a skater, she will soon be an actress, because she landed the part in Kandi's musical!Over in Kandi Land, the Mama Joyce drama has reared its ugly head again. This time she's left a threatening voicemail on Carmon's phone after she confronted the woman who started the cheating rumors. As if that wasn't bad enough, Carmon reveals that Joyce offered to pay someone to frame Todd and get photos of him with other women. I mean really, what next? Will Joyce learn Photo Shop so she crop Todd into pictures with other women?


Once Todd learns what went down, you can see that he's nearing the breaking point. But he does make a good suggestion that Kandi talk with a therapist about what's going on. It could only be beneficial.


Now let's get to the whole masquerade ball drama. Basically Kenya decided that the best way to smooth things over with NeNe would be to throw an extravagant fundraiser/masquerade ball/bachelor auction and surprise NeNe by donating all the money to her favorite charity. Usually I would just apologize or say let's agree to disagree and move forward, but sure, perhaps this will work too.

Also note: Marlo and Kenya are now friends? Maybe the magic of Miss Lawrence brought them together?Kenya sent out the invitation via evite, but NeNe said she never got it and never received a call about it and won't be going. Cynthia somehow ends up in the middle and tries to get NeNe to come. Cut to the event when a very icy NeNe shows up and then is asked to give an impromptu speech. And thus we arrive at one of the more awkward moments this season:


Now you can really go either way on this. On the one hand, it isn't cool to give someone no warning that they have to speak at an event. On the other hand, you can probably give a short thank you in a less awkward manner (and then give the instigator a piece of your mind later). Clearly Peter was in the latter camp, and got into it with NeNe in the parking lot when they left. Who would have thought the day would come that those two BFFs would have words, but it happened.

Next week Cynthia's throwing some sort of field day, but it doesn't appear to be all fun and games for NeNe and Marlo...


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