GIF Recap: Healing the Housewives

GIF Recap: Healing the Housewives

Ep 18: In perhaps the biggest twist, progress is actually made at therapy.

Welcome to our weekly GIF-cap, where we provide the 3 best GIFs from each episode!


We return to the therapy session, where Dr. Jeff is frantically (and unsuccessfully) trying to convince NeNe to return while the other ladies munch on snacks. The good doctor returns empty-handed, and when they try and pick up with the session, it starts out a little rocky:


However after a lot of talking and tears, it seemed like everyone was able to at least begin to get to a better place with one another. Kenya and Porsha even seemed to have a breakthrough!


At the end of the session, the 'Wives decided to take a video to send to NeNe to let her know that they stayed and worked some things out. Well, everyone except Kandi, who felt like this video was just sucking up to NeNe:


Oh and we also learned a fun fact about Kenya this week:



In any event, Porsha and Claudia joined forces to convince the two groups to go on a group trip to Manila. Let's just hope it goes better than the Puerto Rico trip... Get your first look here:



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