Sheree: You Never Know What Tea These Ladies Will Dig Up

Sheree: You Never Know What Tea These Ladies Will Dig Up

Sheree Whitfield dishes on that "one-eyed African" comment. What was going through your mind when Porsha brought up the "one-eyed African"?
Sheree Whitfield: It just blindsided me honestly. As I said last week, before the reunion you never know what tea these ladies will dig up and bring with them! The way she just spit out the tea, I was like "Wait, WHAT!? Did she just say one-eyed African?" I think all of the ladies were just like, "Wait, did she just say what we think she said?" It was an #OMG moment for me. LOL! Has your opinion changed at all after the argument about Tammy's nephew?
SW: At the time he was asked to leave, his behavior became extremely aggressive it was clear that it was unacceptable and not appropriate. I believe we all support the sentiments that Kandi expressed at the reunion during that moment. Would Ayden make a good reunion host?
SW: Now I probably shouldn't say this because I'm sure Andy will read this (LOL!), but I think Ayden would be an awesome host! He is such an articulate and funny young man. Kudos to Phaedra Parks for doing such a great job with her boys!

Thank you guys for tuning in! Make sure you guys watch Part 3 next week as NeNe Leakes joins us on the reunion and the shade continues! LOL!


For those of you asking, the jumpsuit I wore on #WWHL on #EasterSunday was a #SheBySheree design. It is currently in production along with some other fabulous pieces, and I'm so excited to finally be able to share some She by Shereé with you guys! Also, I'm extremely happy to announce I just signed a book deal for my juicy novel! More details coming soon... #WontHeDoIt

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