Kandi: At First I Thought It Was Fake

Kandi: At First I Thought It Was Fake

Kandi talks about being in disbelief when hearing about the bomb threat, and shares more about her date night with Todd.

Bravotv.com: Were you surprised your mom set up that intimate date for you and Todd?

Kandi Burruss: Of course! I was shocked. It was really nice though. When you have a new baby, all attention goes to the baby and you don't think to make time for the intimate nights. So I was happy.

Bravotv.com: Did you guys get your groove back that night?

KB: Of course! You have to take advantage of your time when you have a babysitter.

Bravotv.com: What went through your mind when you heard about the bomb threat?

KB: At first I thought it was some fake B.S., but when Carmon told me that they evacuated Lenox Mall, which is near Phaedra's office, I knew it was serious. Overall I was glad that Phaedra was out of town and far away from any danger.

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