Kenya: "Only Invited Guests Were Allowed in My Home"

Kenya: "Only Invited Guests Were Allowed in My Home"

Kenya Moore dishes on all the surprise appearances at her housewarming. Why did you decide to ask Porsha to leave?

Kenya Moore: Only invited guests were allowed in my home.

Phaedra Parks' Plus One Surprise What was going through your head when Matt walked in?

KM: Prior to the housewarming, Matt and I hadn’t spoken for weeks. In fact, he still has clothes in my “his” closet. I was still concerned with his outburst in Mexico. After a year and a half of dating, he had never shown any propensity toward violence. As such, there was no cause for alarm with Matt showing up as there is a difference between attacking a window and attacking people. I never felt he would harm me at any point, but his behavior was completely unacceptable. With that said, I had mixed emotions. I was happy to see him, but we had unresolved issues. Do you think you and Phaedra have truly wiped the slate clean and started over?

KM: I can only hope that Phaedra is being sincere as I am. I cannot and simply refuse to live in the past. Phaedra and I started off as friends and subsequently we have both hurt each other -- intentionally and unwillingly. Somehow we found it in our hearts to sincerely apologize to one another for our behavior. It’s time to move on. Were you surprised things got so heated with Sheree?

KM: I invited Sheree to my home because I thought we were friends and that she would be happy for me. I was shocked that she had so much negativity in her heart. We’ve seen Sheree go from 0-60 in under a minute. For me, there’s only one way to handle a hater… TWIRL ON THEM!

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