Phaedra: "I Just Wanted to Scream"

Phaedra: "I Just Wanted to Scream"

Phaedra Parks shares more about her experience with the children from Flint, Michigan and her frustrations during dinner with the ladies. What was it like spending time with the children of Flint?

Phaedra Parks: It was a life changing experience! The camp allowed the campers to just be carefree children, explore nature and experience new things. They had an opportunity to sit in an emotionally safe environment and purge the weight of their pain. Watching the children support each other and rally together around shared experiences was heart wrenching and refreshing. I know bonds were built that will last a life time. We carefully planned activities over the two weeks that I know planted seeds of hope, confidence and love that will blossom throughout their lives. What was the best part of your experience at the camp?

PP: This experience was humbling. While the camp was a reprieve for the children, it was also a reprieve for me. There was limited cellular service and no televisions at the camp so I was able to enjoy the entire week with few distractions. Having limited distractions allowed me to be fully present for the campers and remain in the moment. What went through your mind during the drama at dinner?

PP: I was shocked it got so heated but mostly embarrassed because we were in a public place. In this group it is hard to have peace because there seems to be endless rage, bitterness and need for drama in some of the women. When the concern was brought up about Porsha, I wanted her to have an opportunity to share and exemplify her growth and evolution, but certainly understood that she felt attacked due to the manner it was done. People need to learn to express genuine concern for an issue without attacking or provoking the person. I just wanted to scream FIX IT JESUS, ALL OF IT!!



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