Phaedra: I Was Taken Aback by Porsha's Plan

Phaedra: I Was Taken Aback by Porsha's Plan

Phaedra Parks has some thoughts on Porsha Williams' unique plan for starting a family. Do you still think camel toe is the next big fashion trend?

Phaedra Parks: "Next big" is a misnomer -- camel toe is the current trend! Were you surprised to hear about Sheree's confrontation with Kenya?

PP: Of course not. Kenya loves confrontation and conflict, and Sheree never walks away from a fight. I'm just happy the fight only involved words. What went through your mind when Porsha told you her plan to have children?

PP: I know Porsha wants to be a mother, but I was a bit taken aback by her plan to side step a husband on the way to baby land. Her desire for a baby clearly outweighs her desire for marriage. I love Porsha dearly and want to see her happy, however I do not recommend intentionally becoming a single mother. Maybe I will let her babysit my two sons (who double as my ultimate workout plan) for a week to help her recalibrate her thoughts.



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