Porsha: I'll Start Calling That One "Frack Attack"

Porsha: I'll Start Calling That One "Frack Attack"

Porsha Williams discusses the inspiration for Frick and Frack onesies, her hair business, and Phaedra's best wig look.

It's a Frick and Frack Birthday Bonanza!

Bravotv.com: What inspired you to get the matching onesies?

Porsha Williams: Well my sister Lauren and I made matching plaid shirts with Williams on the back for the camping trip, but we didn't make a big deal about them because the company misspelled our last name. So we decided to give it another try and go get Frick and Frack onesies! I figured we would look like like cute, big-booty Teletubbies, LOL!

Bravotv.com: Do you name all of your wigs?

PW: Actually I do! Although I must admit the names change from time to time depending on how we style them. I have almost 10-15 units. It's easy for me to be obsessed with hair, because I own a hair company www.GoNakedHair.com. I will often try different textures myself by getting units made and coloring them, curling them, and styling them in lots of different ways. I'm currently obsessed with Sasha, which is a curly unit with honey blonde tips. She's super fierce. 

Bravotv.com: Which wig did you think wasPhaedra 's best look?

PW: I thought Phaedra looked best in the jet black lob unit; that one was made with Go Naked Peruvian Straight! I chose that one because it's low maintenance and easy to curl and will always be silky and sexy, perfect for the mom on the go! I'll start calling that one Frack Attack! LOL!  

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