Shereé: "Sometimes Less Is MOORE"

Shereé: "Sometimes Less Is MOORE"

Shereé Whitfield comments on Kenya Moore's shade about her fundraising and her friendship with Marlo. Are you and Marlo friends now? What changed between you guys?

Shereé Whitfield: Marlo and I are friendly and have been for a quite some time now. Atlanta is a small city, and we run into each other often and speak to each other. Was Marlo helpful with the interior design choices?

SW: Marlo definitely has great taste and an eye for fashion, design, and is always on trend. You can definitely see throughout her time with some of the ladies she has definitely upgraded and inspired some of their style choices. Were you surprised to hear Kenya's shade about your booth?

SW: I'm proud of the funds that our booth raised for Phaedra's foundation. Kenya was so quick to diminish the effort of me and my family that day, and she contributed the least to the charity. Maybe if Kenya would have focused more on her booth instead of what She by Shereé was contributing, she would have been able to raise more for the city of Detroit (her home town). She could have saved some of the money she spent on piping and draping her booth and redirected her funds to what really matters: the charity. Sometimes less is MOORE, but then again we are talking about Kenya.

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