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Riley Burruss Reveals Exactly What Her Plans Are for the Future: "That's Definitely My Main Goal"

The RHOA teen and Kandi Burruss' daughter opened up about life in NYC as she attends college at NYU.

By Jocelyn Vena
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Riley Burruss is inching closer to the end of her freshman year at NYU. The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans have followed Riley's life since she was just a little kid, and now that she's 18 and living away from home, she's sharing in an exclusive interview with Bravo Insider just how her life away from home and her family, including mom Kandi Burruss, is going.

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"I'm still learning, it's a lot of pressure as well, but I'm getting a lot of help. I just talk to my mom when I'm stressed. But I'm still learning how to proceed," she explained.

At the time of the interview, Riley's classes were still remote amid the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. "I feel like it's definitely a lot more difficult since it's online. I just don't really adapt well to the online classes. I feel like I'm not really learning much. But I'm still thankful I'm here. Of course, I wish I was in person without COVID. But I'm trying to adjust and learn the best ways to deal with this new way of learning."

Riley also made a big decision in the middle of her freshman year, which, as fans can see from her Instagram, she's spent taking in as many sites in New York City as she safely can. "Well, I, during my first semester, I was on campus in the dorms. And that was OK, I mean, there were a lot of people. I feel like that's how I was able to meet a lot of my friends, because I was on campus and we could just easily meet and hang out. And that was a good experience," she said. "But the second semester, I decided to live off campus and now have an apartment, which is more stressful than I thought it would be. I definitely like the experience of being on campus for a semester. I don't know how different it would've been if I was off campus the whole time."

Living on her own in NYC has also taught Riley some real life lessons that can't be learned in school: "I think I've definitely learned that I depend on, like, my household more than I realize. Even times where I may not be feeling well, and I'm like, 'Well, I wish I was home so all of them could take care of me.' I guess that's just what happens when you move out on your own. But it's just like, I wish I was home so my mom could help me with this. But of course, she can help me with things from afar. But it's just easier when you're right there."

Kandi has previously noted that someday Riley would be interested in pursuing a law career, and that definitely is still the plan for the RHOA teen. She noted that she could see herself going into entertainment law someday, noting that it's the "best of both worlds" between a legal career and the entertainment biz she grew up around.

"That's definitely my main goal. Law school is something I want to do no matter what. I feel like that's always going to be something I'm interested in and want to do. Even since I was younger, I always knew, like, law was going to be my thing," Riley said. "I know it sounds lame to say everyone says this, but I always just love to argue, and so my mom's like, 'I know you love to argue. You need to be a lawyer.' So then I really took that into consideration, did some internships, and just realized I actually do think I could do this. It's something I could see myself in."

She added, "I definitely love the entertainment side more, but I like doing work that has to do with the entertainment industry. I think it's good to definitely try everything once and then see what fits you the best. So that's kind of what I've tried to do."

However, Riley clarified that she's not studying in a pre-law track just yet.

"I'm currently a nutrition major, but I'm trying to switch to music business. So that'll go with entertainment law. But I'm trying to do [a] business major," she said, before explaining why she gave a nutrition major a try. "I feel like it's something interesting. I've always thought about in the future, I want to work somewhat with childhood obesity because that's something I struggled with. So I could help other children like me, that's something I also want to pursue. So I went into school thinking, 'OK, I should do this.' But then I realize I should probably focus more on what I actually want to do long term with my career in college than what I want to do as kind of like my side thing. I have [an] idea, but I haven't fully thought about in what [way] I'd want to help. But definitely, probably like an organization. I wouldn't want to just [work with] kids, I'd want it to be for everyone. But focus mainly with kids. Just because that's what I feel the closest connection to. But probably like an organization, or anything really."

Riley Burruss Heads to NYU!

But, as Riley noted, her main goal is a future in the law and representing performers and musical artists. However, she also has some big goals for now. "Well, short term I want to work on YouTube and, of course, just kind of document my life as a student in the city [as] a celebrity kid, I guess. Just document my life. And of course, focus on school, intern, of course, all that kind of stuff," she said.

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