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Kandi Burruss' Daughter Riley Reveals Exactly What She's Like as a Mom: "Our Relationship Is Just So Cool"

The RHOA daughter opens up about life with her superstar mom like never before.

By Jocelyn Vena

Kandi Burruss is a multihyphenate who, since joining The Real Housewives of Atlanta back in Season 2, has never held back. She's shared all of her experiences openly and honestly with fans -- and that includes her life as a mom. When she first joined the show over a decade ago, she was a single mom to her young daughter, Riley Burruss. While her life looks a little different these days (she's been married to Todd Tucker since 2014, the couple are also now parents to Ace and Blaze), her bond with her oldest kid remains as tight as ever.

Riley spoke about her relationship with her mom in an exclusive interview with Bravo Insider.

RHOA fans have watched Riley grow up on T.V., literally. She's now 18, going to college at NYU, and living in NYC. Considering that her mom was just a teen when she rose to fame as a member of Xscape, fans might be wondering what kind of advice she gave her daughter about living life in the public eye. 

"Not as much because I feel it's definitely different than when she was younger, because, of course, now social media's so popular.  I feel like back then it was more all about the music, especially since she was doing music.  So it was less about her life, then now of course.  But, yeah, I don't think there's really any advice," she said. Though Riley did note one piece of maternal wisdom Kandi shared: "Ignoring people who speak ill of you."

Riley Burruss Heads to NYU!

While fans have gotten to know Kandi pretty intimately over the years, some viewers might be wondering what she's like when no one is watching. "I think she's very open on T.V., so I think you kind of see how she is.  I know a lot of people are always like 'OMG you just talk to your mom however.'  But it's just like our relationship is just so cool. We just talk to each other like we're friends.  And, of course, that doesn't work for everyone but it just works for us," Riley explained.

While they are comfortable with one another, Riley did add that their relationship has a "balance" because moms will be moms: "She's always telling me what I need to be doing and what I'm not doing enough of. So I definitely get a lot of that but it's a balance."

At the end, though, Riley noted, "We're always laughing and joking and I just feel comfortable enough to just talk comfortably.  And I, I really appreciate that about her."

Riley Takes New York

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