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Style & Living The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dorit Kemsley Desperately Needs a New Mattress

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mama is on the hunt for a new place to rest her head.

By Courtney Thompson
Take a Tour of Dorit Kemsley's Fabulous Home

We’ve got an S.O.S. coming out of Beverly Hills, y’all! That’s right, one of our ’Wives is in despair, and luckily, Home & Design is here to help. Per her recent Instagram  Stories, Dorit Kemsley is in major need of a new mattress. “Jags, I’ve got a big issue, baby,” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills told her son (and her 555,000 followers). “I need to find a new mattress, because mommy’s neck and back is killing her. So, [for] months now, I’m waking up with a terrible neck and back and it’s our mattress I’m sure of it, it’s like seven years old. I’ve had two pregnancies in this mattress, and there’s like a dip in it, I swear… it’s pretty embarrassing, really! So, we need a new mattress and I don’t know where to begin, any suggestions and I’d be so grateful, please. Something that is comfortable but firm but good for both PK and I and that is going to help my neck and back.” (Tune into the season premiere of RHOBH on February 12 at 9/8c!)

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Ugh, we hear you, Dorit! Fear not, you’re not too behind the curve, since the Better Sleep Council recommends you get a new mattress every seven to 10 years. BUT, it is time to get you a new mattress, and luckily we’ve tested out the highest-reviewed foam mattresses in a box on the market and whittled the below list down to our favorites, based on quality, comfort, and sleep-ability (is that a word?).

In no specific order, these are the ones we think you’ll get the best night’s sleep on tonight, tomorrow, and for the next third of your life. The best part? Opening up your box, unrolling your mattress, and watching it come to life. And if you’re like Dorit and need a new mattress, these mattresses will be just has happy in your abode as they will in Beverly Hills. Here’s to better sleep in 2019!


Running with the tagline, “The last mattress you’ll ever buy,” Nectar might be just that. Why do we like it? It’s comprised of five scientific layers, including a removable “Tencel cooling cover” that does the job of circulating air and wicking away heat and moisture, keeping your night sweats at bay. Among the four layers of foam is a quilted gel memory layer — note: most mattress makers skip quilting due to the added expense — that adds to the mattress’ medium firm density while contouring your body with an extra bit of loft.

The result? A sleep so comfortable the 11-inch mattress is one of the top brands in the country, having sold more than 100,000 units so far. CertiPur-US-cerified, Nectar is one of the most affordable mattresses on our list, and it also comes with a dust mite protection layer that will keep bed bugs far, far away.

DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud is exactly what the name suggests: the cloud-like bed of your dreams. First, the mattress: Imagine floating atop 15 inches of cloud-like heaven, including a layer of super soft quilted memory foam, a cooling layer of gel-infused memory foam, and a hand-tufted cashmere blend cover. Trust us, it feels exactly as luxurious as it sounds.


Wayfair has entered the bed-in-a-box game with Nora, a four-layer premium mattress designed exclusively for the mega e-tailer. Thicker than most of its competition — Nora comes in at 12-inches — the mattress is also super plush thanks to two layers of gel-infused memory foam, followed by a 3-inch layer of comfort foam that regulates temperature (Read: Keeps you cool), and two more layers of 3.5-inch high-density support foam that relieves pressure and provides support.

The jade-infused cover is a nice touch … literally! It’s super soft and actually cool to the touch, thanks to jade’s natural cooling properties. 


Like your mattresses custom? Then this is the direct-to-consumer, arrives-in-a-box option for you! Made to order in the U.S., mattress-seekers fill out a quick online survey to personalize a bed that serves all their sleeping needs. Sample questions: “Do you toss and turn at night?” and “Do you ever wake up with pain in the morning?”

Couples will especially appreciate Helix, as the company has two solutions for those in a relationship—one, you can settle on the happy medium “blended” mattress that does just that, blends both of your needs into one happy bed. Or two, couples can choose the “hybrid” option that literally divides the mattress in half, putting each of your preferences on the left or right side.


If you’re a Real Housewife at heart (us, too), then Luxury is your middle name. Enter Allswell, a luxe mattress and bedding brand that practically comes with butler service. It’ll deliver your new mattress (which, starting at $495, thankfully doesn’t have a Real Housewife-sized price tag) and take away your old one at the same time. You have 100 nights to cozy up to your new bed — if you’re not obsessed, Allswell will come back to take it off your hands.

But why wouldn't you be obsessed with the 12-inch memory-foam layered sleep haven that has the perfect medium-soft feel?! 


As we’ve discussed, us discerning sleepers have very clear opinions about what we want and don’t want in a mattress, buuuut, um, sometimes we change our mind. And then we change it again. You know what mattress is totally OK with our vacillating preferences? The Layla. A dual-sided mattress — firm on one side, soft on the other — that you can flip when you, well, flip your mind.

We know what you’re probably asking: “Is it a total pain in the ass to flip?” Big news, it’s not! Simply unzip the cover, overturn the mattress and re-zip. Done and done, the process takes less than a minute to execute. 

Cocoon by Sealy Foam Mattress

Probably the most-recognized brand on our list, this Sealy mattress comes in two options, Chill (perfect for hot-body sleepers because the fabric cover absorbs and dissipates heat for a cool-to-the-touch feel) and Classic. Both versions are available in soft or firm, and are comprised of four layers — support and comfort layers provide a sturdy base, while a high-density memory foam doles out the coziest sleep ever and a cover encases the whole mattress.

All in all, this CertiPUR-US-certified mattress is a solid bet for hot sleepers, and thanks to customization, those who prefer soft or firm comfort levels.

Sapira by Leesa Mattress

Dubbed the only “luxury” mattress in a box, we were skeptical of this mattress... that is, until we slept on the Sapira. Pure. Bliss. Comprised of five layers — 1.5-inches of cooling, high density foam, 1.5 –inches of pressure-relieving memory foam and 1,000 pocket springs that are encapsulated between two 1-inch top and bottom layers of high-resiliency stabilizing foam—this CertiPUR-US-certified mattress is cool, supportive and seemingly contours to your body (and your many sleeping positions). And it’s the only one on the list that has springs and comes in a box.


Who’s this mattress for? Someone with an active lifestyle. Designed with input from professional athletes (in addition to sleep experts and engineers), the Bear mattress specifically aims to provide a super supportive sleep that helps your body recover from the rigors of the day.

How does it achieve that? With a top layer of premium graphite-gel infused memory foam that cools throughout the night, which is on top of another layer of 2.5-inch quick-response foam that reacts to all that tossing and turning you do, supporting your body every step (er, toss) of the way. The mattress also boasts something called “celliant,” which is sourced from natural minerals, activates the body’s natural heat, and reflects it back as infrared energy — which in turn reduces inflammation and help the body recover faster. 


If you’re someone who wakes up feeling sore and achy, this is the mattress for you. Does the name sound familiar? Maybe you recognize it from those viral videos the brand released last year showcasing the raw egg test—if you haven’t seen them, you need to ASAP.

Designed to cradle your hips and shoulders, support your back and align your spine, the Purple mattress eliminates pressure points during your sleep sessions thanks to a top-layer “hyper-elastic” polymer grid that is, naturally, the color purple. Two additional layers of foam (both CertiPUR-US-certified, neither are of the memory variety) round out the 9.5-inch thick mattress, which is made in the U.S. and arrives at your door in a plastic bag with handles rather than a box. 

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