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Lisa Rinna Is Beside Herself After Someone Messed with Harry Hamlin's "Sanctuary Backyard"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mom says her husband is going to "have a freaking conniption" after he sees the state of his backyard. 

By Courtney Thompson
Lisa Rinna Harry Hamlin Electric Pole

Lisa Rinna is a busy lady, make no mistake about it. Often zipping back and forth between coasts, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills designer was most recently walking the runway in New York Fashion Week. And when she came home to beautiful Beverly Hills home, she found a surprise… of the worst kind.

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In a series of videos posted her to Instagram stories, Lisa showcased her the nightmare “eyesore” she discovered in her backyard. “While we were gone the power company came and put this — Harry Hamlin is going to freaking have a conniption when he sees this pole in his sanctuary backyard,” she explained over a video showing an enormous metal electrical pole that is at least several stories tall. “I looked up last night when I got home and I said, ‘Oh my Lord, help us Jesus,' because when Harry Hamlin sees this, I don’t know what’s going to happen guys. Guys! It’s a freaking eyesore power pole in our backyard that is metal!”

Lisa Rinna Harry Hamlin Electric Pole 1

According to Lisa, she and Harry knew the electrical company was replace a nearby pole that is not on her property—and they even let them come onto their property to cut down some trees ahead of time—but they were never told another pole would be installed on their land.

“Oh god, are you even kidding me? That is the surprise, and I guess it was just done two days ago because look that’s fresh cement,” said Lisa. “By the way, I’m going to be fried, I’m sure. All these wires are so bad for you. Probably my mind is being fried right as I stand. Oh my – look how tall it is! And you know, here’s the thing guys, you can climb it if you want! Oh my god. Oh my f--king god. Okay, I’m just not over it. This is in our backyard in Beverly Hills, California!”

And don’t you worry, Lisa is all about giving updates on her problem, letting her followers know a few hours later that Harry was on top of the situation. “This is so our neighbors can have power, it has nothing to do with us,” she explained. “Harry tells me this is all going to be coming down. He’s telling me that. He has people. He has his people and he’s ready. So, stay tuned, because this isn’t going to happen quickly, not like I’d like it to. Like I’d like it to happen today, I don’t think it’s going to happen today. But Harry promises me it’s going to be gone, so stay tuned.”

Aaaand, the next day, there was more progress! “There are people involved now, people of the law,” she said, laughing. “Yeah, Harry Hamlin tells me that’s coming down and going underground, but in the mean time we have to paint it to make it look like a tree. That’s the update. Stay tuned.”

Trust us, Rinna, we’re staying tuned!

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