I Love My Sister

I Love My Sister

Kyle Richards explains that even though she sometimes disagrees with her sister, Kim, she loves her.

OK, two down, 10 to go! First off I want to thank everyone for their  kind words. I am so happy that you are enjoying the show. I LOVE that we get to communicate like this. Very different from when I was growing up on television. Secondly, I want to address a few e-mails that came in regarding my relationship with my sister. I want everyone to know that I LOVE my sister and have ALWAYS been there for her. This show picks up with our relationship already a lifetime in the making. Some people have asked me if I was jealous of Kim growing up…. The answer to that is NO, not at all. I worshipped her and thought she walked on water. When I was little I actually thought she was magic (because of the movie Escape to Witch Mountain.) My mother always taught us that any accomplishment my sisters or I achieve, is a "feather in all our caps." Kathy, Kim, and I are always proud of each other. We feel that each of our lives is a reflection on all of us. We  all want the best for each other.

This second episode takes place over spring break. It's a tradition for my family to go to Palm Desert every Easter. Between my two sisters and I, we have 12 kids. It's a big family, and we are all very close. Sometimes my nieces feel more like the little sisters I never had. We all  stay  together, and it’s a fun weekend of cooking, laughing, watching movies, and of course sometimes bickering. Kim and I love to tease each other. She will tease me about buying organic food, what I wear, that I'm neurotic, etc…. I tease her right back. We do this to make  each  other  laugh. We know that nobody else could say these things and get away with it. We are so different in many ways, but we are cut from the same cloth. I was happy to have Lisa and her family there. I was a bit overwhelmed because I was entertaining 20 people and had to clean the entire house in under an hour before cooking. As soon as I would clean up one mess one of the kids would make another. For the record, I did scrub the floor myself (contrary to what Kim believes. Ha!)

When Kim and I DO actually argue, I will say that it does not bring out the best in me. I know that Kim wants me to back her regardless of how I may feel about  a particular situation. I am a very honest person, and I have a hard time saying  "just do what your mom says." If they were young children I would back her no matter what. However, her kids are adults, and sometimes I agree with them, and sometimes I agree with her. I felt that Whitney should be allowed to go back to see the other side of her family and friends and enjoy herself before starting  college. I feel like you’re only young once. Once you start college, then graduate, and go on to working and having real responsibilities, these free times are fewer and far between. I also want Kim to learn to have a life outside of her kids. I want that for her. I worry that her children will all be gone soon and she won’t have a life outside of them. FOR THE RECORD, when I said Kim makes bad choices, I was referring to her choice in men. Sorry, Kim. Just wanted to clarify that! I know that sometimes I am harsh with her. It seems the soft approach hasn't worked in the past. Kim knows I love her. I love her kids too. When I started this show I worried how I would come across when I'm around Kim. Some people bring out the best in us and some people the worst. When Kim and I disagree... well, lets just say those aren't my brightest moments. Then again, this is a reality show and that is our reality. The bottom line is, there is nothing more important than family. However, That doesn't mean its picture perfect. Until next week! XO, Kyle

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