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Mother Hen

Kyle only wants the best for Kim, even if that's not what it looks like from the outside.

By Kyle Richards

This weeks episode was a great escape from the drama that unfolded in New York. I was looking forward to seeing the girls and laughing at Lisa's dinner party at Mohammed's. In particular, I was looking forward to having a fun carefree time with Kim. Plus, I really want Kim to find someone with whom she can share her life with, and I was curious to see if Kim and Martin would hit it off or not. I really like Martin and had high hopes.

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I am so happy in this weeks episode you see another aspect of Kim's and my relationship. Sister relationships can be very complex. One minute wanting to scream at them and the next laughing so hard you cry. Kim and I were always very close. When I was little I wouldn't leave her side. She couldn't even go to a sleep over without taking me with her (much to her friends disappointment).

I realize I come off as angry toward Kim at times. I knew when we decided to do this show that I was taking that risk. It would be easy to pretend everything is perfect all the time but I wanted to be 100 percent honest about who I am. I am not perfect. That's for sure.

It makes me sad when people think I don't care about my sister because of how I react to her at times. I react the way I do because of how much I love her. Nothing is more important to me than family. Also, people don't know what let me to feel the way I did at that moment. Yes, we are followed by cameras, but only since the show started. They haven't been following us all our lives. There are also moments that are missed (such as the argument between Camille and me).

Our mother was very strong. Not only did I inherit that trait but I think I try to do and say what I think our Mother would to Kim. I forget sometimes that's not my job.

With that said, this has been a time of reflection for me. I can only hope that after seeing ourselves from an outsiders perspective, that we can all learn from this experience. I know that I certainly have.

Thank you so much for all your kind words and support. I read every single post here and they mean a lot to me.

Some answers to your questions:

1)The gold glasses I wore in New York are by Tom Ford.

2) You can find the green earrings like mine  at Jennifer Miller in New York.

3) The ring I wear on my right hand was made for me by Loree Rodkin (Beverly Hills) the diamond was my Mother's and its very sentimental to me.

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