Oh Well

Oh Well

Lisa VanderPump regrets the trip to NYC, but, as always, she tried to make the best of it.

Well we knew we were in the middle of a minefield last week, but things just went from bad to worse. I rarely feel helpless in a situation, but because I hadn't witnessed the initial altercation it was difficult to mediate.

I had no idea that Taylor had been involved in provoking Camille at the time, and could never understand what made Camille so upset when she confronted us downstairs. I wondered if it was because she had only just digested what Kyle had conveyed to her earlier. I was mystified especially, as Camille referred to the plane ride over...what on earth was going on?

Until now, when I watched this episode, I had no idea that Taylor had given the impression to Camille that I had been gossiping about her. That is absolute nonsense! I will deal with that at some point!

Also it was never clear to me why Kim didn't come up with something, anything, to placate them both, when she was the one that had been present in Vegas at the initial disagreement. I said to Kim, "Don't start on your sister," as Kyle was emotionally upset and exhausted of defending herself. I took Kyle out of there, and was annoyed that Kim had that attitude.

I personally found the whole debacle in New York pretty hard to deal with. I could see no resolution as the two of them were adamant that they completely differed in their opinions of what transpired. But I could see quite plainly that Kyle's indignation at defending herself, coupled with Kim not sticking up for her was really taking its toll. I recall feeling such regret at taking this weekend away from my husband and Giggy, when I should've listened to my instincts. That is why I asked them to sort it out before we embarked on a weekend together.

Next time, if there is one, I will know better!

The whole evening was a complete fiasco. And the next morning when Kyle and I went to Christina Makowsky's to see her new collection, she was so unsure of whether to go to the opening. But, as always, when Kyle and I are together, we can normally manage to find something to laugh about! The whole situation at the premiere was difficult and I felt torn. I definitely had no intention of ruining the night for Kelsey and Camille, and knew the only way to move forward was to act like nothing had happened. I actually was pleasantly surprised at the way all concerned managed to handle the situation.
When we returned home I knew that Adrienne would be aghast at the turn of events, and as I reiterated the scenario to her, I knew she didn't quite understand the magnitude and depth of feeling that had played out that night. Oh well, you will see how things evolve, trust me it wasn't laid to rest yet!

Love your comments, thank you so much for your support, generous remarks, and for following our journey. Giggy and I are on Twitter: @Giggythepom and @LisaVanderpump. We love tweeting!

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