Setting It Straight

Setting It Straight

Lisa takes to the blog to explain why she wanted Kim to give Martin a call, and to commend her fellow housewives.

Hello everybody. Glad to be back.

I love to blog as it gives one a chance to put some things straight...and there was something in this episode that bothered me and needed explaining: it was the issue of Kim calling Martin. Now, of course, normally a woman wouldn't be expected to call after a blind date, but this was different. The party was absolutely fabulous, and we all had a ball. Champagne was flowing, and at the end of the evening it was determined that as Kim lived about 45 minutes drive from Mohammed's she shouldn't drive home. So Martin, who is one of the kindest people on this planet, with his friend following driving Kim's car (so that she would have her car in the morning), drove for an hour-and-a-half at one o'clock in the morning. I thought it warranted a phone call at some stage to at least Martin, not his friend, but to thank them for their trouble. Kim didn't agree, but I know Martin would've appreciated it...end of story (but possibly the end of story for Martin and Kim). Maybe she will have more luck with Single Gary from the market! 

I loved the segment with Taylor at the crisis center. That is one of the amazing things about being in this forum, the fact that it really gives you a chance to draw attention to the things that are important to you. I sat and watched her struggle with her speech, trying desperately to hold it together. There seems to be so much unhappiness in Taylor, and I can't quite comprehend whether it is her current situation, or her past. Only time will tell.

Oh yes, I take my hat off to Kyle. I wish I had gone to Napa to support the bike ride. We were all so busy at the time, but it was an incredible achievement. And that, as I said is one of the reasons that being involved in this arena can be so positive and allow you to contribute to these charities. For Kyle, as I know her mother died of breast cancer, this event was dear to her heart.

Finally, I was really relieved to have my driving license. I had been dreading this test, and was amazed that I actually passed. I knew I would put it off again and again, as I have been driving for five years on an international license, with the thought of studying this book and finding the place so unappealing. It was funny to be in that situation with all that it entailed, memorable to say the least! Anyway thank you for your comments, next week gets really tricky, so keep watching!

Love always, Lisa

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