A Zebra's Stripes

A Zebra's Stripes

Brandi thanks Lisa for removing the Sur waitress and thanks the waitress for telling her story.

The opening of SUR lounge.. . .what a night!

Upon walking in I noticed one of the production staff, Julian, acting as a bouncer and made a little comment. No I wasn't flirting with a complete stranger. I was flirting with someone I had spent the entire season joking around with.

Once inside, the place looked gorgeous and sexy I was very impressed. Lisa said I should invite a few friends to the opening so I came with a gaggle of gals. One of my friends being Linda, whom I had zero idea had ever dated Paul! Had I had any clue of this I would not have invited her although we are very close. For her part, Linda very adamantly denies ever being Paul's girlfriend and said they went on a few dates many many years ago and nothing more. Still I wish I had known that.

The girls and I were all pretty hungry so Lisa sent some appetizers our way. Looking down at this waitress who was serving me meatballs, I realized she was the reason I finally left my husband. When the news broke of Eddie having an affair with LeAnn Rimes, he denied it and we entered into marriage counseling. I wanted to save my marriage and keep my family together and thought I could forgive this one time mistake. Maybe a month later this women (the waitress at Sur) was on Access Hollywood crying and speaking about her relationship with my then-husband Eddie. She went on and on about how she couldn't leave him even after she found out I was pregnant with our second child. She cried saying Eddie didn't have the decency to break up with her before starting an affair with LeAnn Rimes. Ummmm that was it for me!!! I packed my stuff and moved to the Beverly Hills Hotel but not before putting a few well deserved gashes into the tires of our Harley Davidson motorcycles. Eddie is lucky I didn't cut something else off!!

So there this woman was serving me food, that I had only ever seen on TV sharing her story with the world. I couldn't help myself, I blurted out "you use to sleep with my husband." She had a huge, very smug smile on her face and said, "Yes I did," and went over to tell Lisa we had a problem. The truth of the matter is that regardless of how I felt about this woman, I owed her a giant thank you. Who knows how long I would have stayed with Eddie if she hadn't told her story to the press? She made me realize that a zebra never changes his stripes and I needed to leave.

Lisa was very kind and asked the waitress to leave and although I told her I was fine, I am glad Lisa did that. Then we had yet another surprise visitor. . .the "C" word.

Cedric and his date came strolling into Sur like it was nobody's business. I did not invite him, nor did I even know that he was coming. Part of me sees that Lisa and Cedric really do care for one another and wishes they could resolve things. But as I have grown closer to Lisa, I realize and understand some things are just unforgivable. After Lisa and Cedric interacted I wanted to do my part and help get Cedric out of Sur, as Lisa had done for me with the waitress. I nicely asked him to go, and he did, thank goodness. I could finally breathe that evening and Lisa and I were in need of a giant drink after all the drama.

By the time Ken and Paul came over to confront me about the gay bullmastiff comment I had made in Hawaii, I really had very little of myself left to give. The truth will set you free right? I told the truth and I apologized. Nothing more could be done.

The drama continued later that night with Kim and Taylor. I chose to stay out of completely because I had had enough of my own that evening. However my friend Jennifer, whom I had brought with me that evening (a rehabilitation and addiction specialist) did attempt to speak to Kim at the party and help her but to no avail.

It has been a very fun and dramatic season on RHOBH. I have made some life long friends and if I don't come back for another season, I will take away from this the experience and the friendships I have made.


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