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In Defense of Kyle

BH Producer Dave Rupel explains why there's no Team Anyone in Housewives.

Welcome viewers to the second half of Game Night! Last year at about this time, I wrote a blog that was a in defense of Camille. Today, I feel compelled to write a similar one about another cast member -- Kyle. If you told me a year ago I'd feel the need to write about this, I never would've believed it. But things change, and I do feel the need, so here goes.

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As I said in last week's blog, I truly love the entire cast. I'm sure there are other producers out there that develop no feelings for their cast members, but that’s not the way I operate. I spend too much time in their homes, around their children, around their larger families, around their pets -- to not invest in their lives. It's not an easy thing to open up your home and allow cameras to come in -- cameras that capture the good, as well as the less-than-good.

As you all saw, Game Night proved to be ineteresting. In my opinion, there's no one incident or person that was responsible. It was a series of events that led to the eruption. Kim was extremely late and was very scattered when she arrived. Kyle immediately sprang in to help her. Brandi being on crutches made it hard for her to move around and socialize. Adrienne and Lisa’s absence probably was another factor. Kim also has a tendency to like to surround herself with familiar faces, which made her react negatively to being put on a team with Brandi, which in turn made Brandi feel understandably isolated. Brandi asked Taylor and then Camille if something was up with Kim, but neither wanted to get involved, which only further isolated Brandi.

That's all my way of saying when the argument started, there were a whole lot of factors that played into it. I think it would be wrong to point the finger at any one person.

Kyle is a wonderful wife and mother and just an all-around good person. She's an incredibly hard worker that always shows up to work and always gives 150 percent. Game Night probably wasn't one of her finer moments, but mostly she was just defending her sister.

Please note, this is not my choosing a side. I could write a blog in defense of Brandi as well. Beyond that, I like to think things are a little less black and white than Team Edward or Team Jacob. It's a fun way to pledge loyalty, but these aren't fictional characters on RHOBH. These are real people with real feelings. Everyone makes mistakes -- God knows I've made my fair share on this show. But that's life. When I interview someone to work for me, I always tell them, "It's okay if you make mistakes. We all do. The only thing I ask is that when you make a mistake and realize it, please tell me, so we can figure out how to fix it." Because in my experience, when someone makes a mistake and covers it up, the mistake always comes to light much further down the road when it’s a lot harder to fix.

It's great that so many people feel so passionately to respond to the blogs. The ladies and I read all the responses, so all I ask -- on behalf of the ladies -- is that we keep the tone civil. Passionate, but civil.

Hope you enjoyed this week's episode! Please keep the comments and questions coming!

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