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Time Will Tell

Kyle lets us know what she really thinks about Dana and Brandi -- and about Taylor and Lisa's relationship.

By Kyle Richards

This week Taylor and I go to Dana's house for lunch. I don't know Dana well but it was nice of her to come and support my charity The Lollipop Theater Network. A few of you mentioned how little money was raised at the event. Although, I do wish I had raised more, it did bring a lot of awareness. The website used to get 150 hits a month. Now it has been getting 250 a day! I cannot begin to tell you how happy that makes me. Doing a reality show has its ups and downs but this is a great example how it can do good. One viewer of RHOBH donated $500 -- very kind and generous, especially during these difficult economic times.

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Dana was as nice as can be. I had to laugh when she was saying that her son reads, counts, speaks Thai, and is studying the encyclopedia. I have to admit though, I think all of my children are geniuses as well! Her love for her son is obvious, and although we laughed, I can appreciate that.

Later, at dinner with Ken and Lisa I told them about my lunch with Dana. I want to make it very clear, that when I was telling Lisa and Ken about what Dana had said about her son, I realized how funny it all sounded. When I said "Oh, yes, and her son is a model," I laughed at how funny this sounded. I'm talking about an 18 month old baby that models, reads, writes , speaks Thai, and is studying the encyclopedia! Dana's son is absolutely beautiful and for all I know he IS a genius. It just struck me as the words were coming out of my mouth how funny it all sounded. I still don't know Dana very well, but she has always been nice to me. However, I do think spending $25,000 on a pair of sunglasses is ridiculous. You do see some outrageous things and people in Beverly Hills. I'm not always quite sure what to make of it. I am always a little skeptical when I see people talking about how much money they have.

Lisa and I also spoke about Taylor. I know that Lisa was never a fan of Taylor (Taylor and Lisa are closer now), however, I just think that if you're going to express concern for someone there's no need to preface it by saying that you're not really a friend. Lisa corrected me by saying she told Taylor "I'm not masquerading as your friend." I don't really think there's a difference. I certainly wasn't "attacking" Lisa. I was being honest and talking friend to friend. Lisa and I are close enough to be honest with each other. I know Taylor was hurting. Clearly she needs support from all of us.

While Lisa was doing her commentating on the Royal wedding on HLN, we were at Adrienne's BBQ. I sat down with the girls and got to know Brandi a little better. She is a mom like me and loves her kids. Brandi's sons are a beautiful combination of her and her ex. When her son took off his clothes and urinated on the grass, it was HILARIOUS. I perhaps found it funnier than the others did, maybe because I have four daughters. I know that boys do that sort of thing but she was so flippant about it. I don't know what was funnier -- her son or her reaction.

It may come as a surprise that I was shocked when she said the "C" word. I have been known to have four-letter words fly out of my mouth when I'm upset. I guess I was just shocked to hear it blurt out of her mouth so casually. I also found it funny to hear her say she thought that we all thought she was a "super slut." Everyone was so taken aback. I don't know anything about Brandi except that I heard she was close with Cedric. Time will tell if we will be friends or not. Not everyone has to be friends. You never know. I never thought Camille and I would be!

I have to say, this episode really made me laugh.

Until next week. . .XO, Kyle

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