Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

Lisa admits she knew this episode would expose her as the party gal she truly is.

Hello. As we invite you all into our ever changing world to witness our journeys and to join us on the rollercoaster ride that seems to get more hazardous each week, this episode was a welcome reprieve . . .

First, I indulged myself in a rare morning off to spend some time with Pandora choosing dresses. I had heard of a designer, Ian Stuart, who ironically came from the same village in London as I did. Pandora had fallen in love with one of his dresses on his website, so off we trotted to see his creations in person. I had been feeling a little guilty about not giving my daughter as much attention as she deserved at this very special moment in her life, a moment that is reserved for mother and daughter and is the segue for her leaving to start her own life with the man she loves. Time was running out as the wedding was rapidly approaching. I needed to set aside my other demands. When I view moments like this, when my daughter asks me if I am going to cry and reveals herself for the first time in a gown, and to have documented amongst all the craziness these incredible vignettes of irreplaceable experiences, locked, not only in my heart, but on film for all the world to see, I couldn't be happier.

Pandy had shown trepidation about being involved with a reality show, so it was a treacherous path for me, as her mother to know just how much we should reveal.

Pandora had along with Jason and their friends arranged their bachelorette parties at our old friend’s hotel, Planet Hollywood. Kyle got wind of this and persuaded me to go with her. Kyle then backed out due to other commitments, so Pandy invited Taylor when we spent the day together being the judges on Top Chef. It was Taylor's 40th birthday the same night, and I felt saddened that she would rather spend it with us than her loved ones. I knew our relationship had been difficult, to say the least, but remember I hadn't seen any of the things that you the viewer have been privy to. . .all the scenes with Kyle which I just saw recently. I had no idea how mean spirited it had been, insinuating I would give stories, etc. . .but that is all very much in the past. We have moved on thank goodness, so it was just the tea party, which granted was bad enough. But I still hoped that our weekend might give her a respite from the continual emotional turmoil she seemed to be immersed in. I also knew her need for my friendship and acceptance was greater than my reluctance, my doubts, and our history.

She came to see me previously in Villa Blanca, and I gently probed her as to whether she was drinking too much when she regaled me with the stories of Malibu and her own admission of it being a haze, and her emotional behavior. I knew that she was struggling. . .

So off we go to Vegas. I was unsure of what lay ahead, but this is the episode that threatens to expose me. . .threatens to reveal the wild animal that lurks beneath!

Actually it was funny, and I knew for sure I was going to be a target alongside Pandora, but if you can't beat 'em, join them.

We had a successful weekend. Most importantly, my daughter loved it and the negativity regarding promoting the Palms, which had upset us all previously, had gone. It was definitely a weekend to remember. . .something I would normally run a mile from. The mere fact that none of us had been impregnated by a Chipmunk and that all of us came home, and I proved to these young girls that there was life in the old dog yet!

I, as I am sure most of you did, felt so saddened by the scene of Kim and Kyle together -- Kim struggling with a dilemma so many others face, contemplating her future with a man she loved at the risk of upsetting her children. The utter anguish was etched on her face. I just hope she finds the inner strength to steer her life in the direction that will ultimately lead to true happiness.

See you next week. Remember my mantra -- love and laughter supersede all.

Love always Lisa.

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