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Nothing to Hide

Lisa addresses Taylor's accusations, her reaction to Brandi, and why she participates in reality TV at all.

By Lisa Vanderpump

Hello and welcome back. I would just like you to bear in mind this was all filmed six months ago...

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This week after watching, many things became clear to me. I had no idea that Taylor was accusing me of something so sneaky and despicable as going to the tabloids with her personal information. That is deplorable, and as a woman with a conscience, who has many celebrity friends (where secrecy is crucial), and who also owns restaurants and is therefore privy to many situations shall we say, is an absolute insult, and I must say hurtful.

There are times when, as many of you have asked me in the past, I think why on earth am I doing this? Where I have had to reflect and ask myself honestly what would make me open my life for the world to see? My answer has always been, I have nothing to hide. I am honest and straight forward and not in the habit of being disloyal, and I try to be as supportive as possible of those close to me.

I knew Taylor to be in a situation that, from what she had told me, was a very difficult one. I have many times said to her, "I know we are not that close but if you ever need me, call me at any time of the day or night." I always worried about her. Many things in the past just didn't seem to ring true. Each time I saw her she was extremely emotional. She told us in Colorado that she didn't eat and was losing weight at an alarming rate. I feel foolish now as she later gave an interview regarding some new diet pills she'd been taking.

Our journey took many twists and turns, but a few months ago, it resulted in us being much closer, which as I have mentioned before, I am thankful for, so that ultimately I could be there for her at the most challenging time of all.

The episode also included the trip to Sacramento and Adrienne's dilemma about making the right decision for their team, and it's moments like these I really think are what makes the show fascinating. We can take you the viewer with us -- on our predicaments, our struggles, watching us making crucial decisions in business, in our marriages, and also including elements of fun.

Kyle's charity event was for a very worthwhile cause, and I applaud her for hosting it. But the atmosphere changed drastically when Brandi entered. Her outspoken reputation preceded her. I had heard whisperings of this woman wanting to integrate herself into our group. I also had seen press pictures of Cedric saying he was her "manny," I had reservations to say the least. I knew the potential for drama between all of us, if what I believed, proved to be true.

Were we standoffish? I suppose we were. Maybe it wasn't our finest hour. . .but there you have it, every little move one makes, magnified for all to see.

This week also included a scene of us moving forward with my dream to create a lounge bar next to Sur. I love to go back in time and see the empty shell of the bar that has now come to fruition.

Sorry if this blog seems so disjointed but there were so many issues to cover and some just had to be brief otherwise it would be a novel...

So until next time. Thank you once more for your comments.

Love always Lisa.

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