On Season 2

On Season 2

Executive Producer Douglas Ross on the launch of Season 2.

It is with great sadness that we begin our second season without one of our cast members. As I’m sure most of you know by now, Taylor's husband Russell took his own life several weeks ago. All of us connected with the production send our love and prayers to Taylor and Kennedy and our condolences to Russell’s family.

We, along with the network, took a close and thorough look at the entire new season of shows and, where appropriate, have made some changes in light of the circumstances. Our goal, as always, is to present honest, accurate and compelling stories about our cast. We take great pride in being responsible and respectful in the way we tell those stories, and I trust you’ll find that the series hits the right tone, even when we present some tough subjects and tense moments.

The first episode begins with a sequence we shot just a few days ago when we gathered the cast to talk about their feelings, share their emotions and sense of loss, and try to put the preceding several months during which we shot the series into context. And then the show begins, and in true Beverly Hills style, takes you back to the spring where our story begins. The cast opened up their lives like never before and you’ll see a compelling and inside view of what life is really like in Beverly Hills.

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