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Sparkle is Different Than Rhinestones

Episode 2:'s Associate Editor finds the difference between bling types and analyzes Kim's flirting style.

It's Episode 2 and we're already escaping California. The ladies are off to Camille's abode in Beaver Creek –- with enough bags to ensure the two day jaunt is especially fashionable. So, strap on your wooden skis (if you don't have any, just borrow Lisa's), leave door-locking instructions with Paul, and toss that suitcase in the back of the limo if it won't fit in the trunk, as we recap the Top 3 moments of Episode 2.

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Planes, Trains, and Flirting
Once the ladies are finally off (and Kyle's amazing high school photo has been revealed. Nice new digs Kyle!), Kim is looking for a little sky service. It seems the blonde Richards is on the prowl and ready to find a new seatmate for this flight -- and with good reason. Colorado men are super handsome. Hence why as soon as the fasten seat belt sign went down, Kim began introducing herself with a handshake or a butt-punch to every viable candidate on the jet. Meanwhile poor Lisa was trying to nap, but make-up brushes to the nose and Adrienne also going Rocky on that guy’s behind didn't really lead to much shut eye.

No word on if any of these gents met up with Kim at baggage claim.

Bonus Moment -- The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bling
Speaking of Kim, she and Kyle are definitely doing their part to mend fences. Even if Kim isn't exactly there yet, she’s working on it, with baby steps, people, baby steps. However, the gals did have one small sister tiff that was too hilarious not to mention. When Kim saw Kyle's wardrobe for the weekend, she immediately remarked "What did you pack for Las Vegas?" This leads to one of my favorite discussions in Housewives history:


"I like sparkles," says Kyle, defending her weekend wardrobe.

"You know what? You've been making fun of me for years for sparkle and bling," Kim retorts.

"Kim, sparkles are different than rhinestones."

A distinction one shouldn't forget. Thanks for pointing it out Kyle!

Camille Explains It All
Our favorite shoulder shrugger Camille has already opened up to us so much this season. . .perhaps a little too much. Not only did we learn over dinner that Kelsey was a terrible kisser, we also found out that the man had a barnacle issue.

I don't want to sound ignorant, but what exactly does she mean by barnacle? Is that excessive hair? Funny skin tags? Weird moles? Does Kelsey have a good dermatologist? Because even after all the man has done to Camille, I think he should get his yearly skin checkup if anything described as a barnacle is a chronic issue. That does not sound healthy. I have a great dermo in NYC if you need one Kelsey. Just give me a call.

Paging the Ski Concierge
After more dating discussions over dinner and watching Adrienne struggle with cracking an egg, the ladies get fitted for their ski gear. It's important to note that one, these woman know how to work mountain PJs (one-third of the Wives were wearing leopard), and two, these women know how to work it while wearing PJs. Kim had barely mentioned that she was in need of boots before Lisa threw the ask out there for single ski pros. And Lisa thought Kim didn't wait long enough on the plane! Kim hadn't even had her pancakes yet before the entire house was trying to set her up. Let the woman slip into something less comfortable than flannel animal print first, geez.

Once the gang hits the slopes, we see the talent divide up with Taylor spraying snow on poor Lisa and Adrienne as the stay behind on the bunny slopes. Lisa claims she hung back to help Adrienne, but I suspect that she just wanted to move slowly enough that more people could recognize her poodle/ Doctor Zhivago hat. Plus, being near the lodge provided better access to those chocolate chip cookies.


Check out even more ski-fabulous photos in our behind-the-scenes gallery.

Next week, things get rocky in Colorado and back in Beverly Hills. I'll be patiently waiting in my leopard PJs until then. Can't wait for more? Watch a clip of the Bickersons debating crowd control now.

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