Utterly Priceless

Utterly Priceless

BH Producer Dave Rupel shares his two favorite parts of Pandora's wedding.

Hello again readers! I hope you enjoyed our Season 2 finale! (Though you won’t have to miss us just yet. Next week, we begin our epic reunion!

Now, about tonight's episode, which contains one of the funniest scenes of the season (Paul's colonoscopy) and one of the most glamorous (Pandora and Jason's wedding.)

First off, the colonoscopy. Please know Paul Nassif was a very good sport by letting us film this sequence. I love Paul dearly, and respect him tremendously. I have never had a colonoscopy, so I was unaware that a side effect to the procedure was the need to pass air. The end result was a scene that makes me laugh so hard I'm crying. I hope you find it humorous and also know that Paul is in excellent health!

As for the wedding, if the actual wedding footage looks a little different, that's because it is. 

Pandora hired a trusted videographer, and then allowed us to use the footage. The end result feels not only intimate, it is just exceedingly beautiful to watch. Kevin Lee and his team did a fantastic job on the decorations, but my two favorite touches were probably two of the least expensive things. First, Pandora and Jason leaving the reception through a sea of sparklers? What an ingenious and wildly romantic idea. Secondly, Jason flashing that 1,000 mega watt smile as Pandora walked down the aisle. Utterly priceless.

It was a very happy ending to a very troubled season. And I think we all needed some happiness, correct?

Finally, I received a lot of comments about who should or should not be brought back for Season 3. Everyone has both their fans and their detractors. What you should know is that no decisions have been made. No one has been picked up or let go for a potential Season 3.

Until next week. . .

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