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Why Kyle Didn’t Jump to Lisa’s Defense

Kyle spills on her hopes for Lisa, thoughts on Adrienne's divorce, and finding solace in Kim's strength.

By Kyle Richards

What had started out as a nice evening was quickly turning sour.

Since my dinner party when Faye told Brandi off regarding the Adrienne situation, things have been tense between Lisa, Faye and Brandi. Understandably so.

After the vodka party at Adrienne's, Yolanda called Brandi and Lisa to tell them about what Faye and Marisa had said. As you saw at the vodka party, I did not partake in that conversation. I said that I did NOT think Brandi would sleep with a married man. I also said in my interview that I did NOT see with my own eyes Brandi having sex in my daughter's bathroom. I have been blamed for things that Faye has said because she's a friend of mine. I have my own opinions and Faye has hers. I had ZERO issues with Brandi, except for what she said about Adrienne. Brandi knew I felt it was wrong and that was that. I never asked Faye to say ANYTHING to Brandi or about her! It is beyond frustrating to have people think things about you that are just not true.

I know Faye has made some harsh comments, but I can tell you, that is not the Faye that my family knows. I am not defending her actions. Only she can explain why she said certain things. I can say that the Faye I know is a kind and compassionate person -- nothing like the Faye we have seen on the show. When I saw the girls huddled in a corner getting into it, not once, but twice, I stayed FAR away. I did NOT want to get into any disagreements with anyone. My anxiety had been at an all-time high and there was no way I was getting near that!

Later, when someone finally called me over and told me what was going on, I really did not know what to say. I was taken aback. Lisa said in her interview, "Here's your chance Kyle. Back me up." Again!?! I wasn't even standing there when Faye and Lisa got into it. It seems Lisa's anger was misdirected. I don't want to be dragged into every fight. I don't feel that I should have to be -- especially between two friends of mine. When Camille and I had our fight at the table in New York City (Season 1) Lisa didn't speak up at the table. I never held that against her. I understood that it's difficult to get between friends. We are all strong women who run our businesses, our homes, our lives,  and take care of our children...I think we can handle a disagreement with a friend. Besides, Lisa already had Brandi and Yolanda at her side.

The night got worse as Kim was angry with me for thinking that I forgot that Brandi had hurt her first. I didn't want Kim to feel that I didn't think that was important. That was a very difficult time for Kim and the comment that Brandi made hurt her deeply. However, Kim and Brandi had made up and I didn't feel we needed to go down that road again. Then Adrienne walks in looking like I have NEVER seen her -- incredibly distraught. I was so emotional at this point I was about to snap. I have cried more times this season then I care to count.

It was so sad hearing about Paul and Adrienne. I wish so much they could have worked things out. I hope that Ken and Lisa were able to enjoy themselves in spite of everything that happened. Thirty years of marriage is certainly something to celebrate.

How strange it was to be celebrating one friend’s marriage while watching our other friend's crumble. This has been a tough season. So many of us were divided over the Brandi and Adrienne situation. So many arguments, so much change.

There were also good times. Ojai, Paris, opening my store, and best of all, seeing my sister Kim stronger than she has been in many years. In moving forward, I hope that Lisa and I can finally put any differences behind us, that Taylor continues to heal, and that Kim and I can start a new chapter in our relationship.

Thank you for watching.


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