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Lisa and Kyle at the Eiffel Tower of Babel

Ep 16:'s Editor wishes Kim slept through the duck murder and Lisa and Kyle had focused on the scenery.

By Kim Moreau

Hello Francophiles and ducks who have not be prey to Housewives. Welcome to the part deux of the gals' jaunt to Paris. Because fights are better at international landmarks, the women took the time to have a major bust-up at the Eiffel Tower. Making memories! Let's make sense of this hoopla, shall we?

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The Yolanda Diaries
We open with, of course, Yolanda exercising along the scenic Seine with Brandi. God knows, it would be nice to go on vacation with such a fitness taskmaster. I'm sure if I was there with Yolanda she would have to pry the baguettes and crepes from my cold dead hands. Instead she managed to coax Brandi to couple those treats with a reason to wear adorable exercise clothes and bond over their shared history living in Paris as young, impressionable models. Don't you wish there was a RHOBH prequel in which we saw these two as teens in Paris. It would surely put The Carrie Diaries to shame.

In other parts Parisian, Mauricio puts Kyle on lockdown -- romantic, bridge, key lockdown. Could Mauricio be more romantic and handsome? Seriously. Again, I would have been using that lock to keep baguettes away from myself.

And on yet another cobblestone street, Ken, Lisa, and Kim were shopping for Giggy a fashionable beret (and surely a few things for themselves). Kim shared that she still felt a strain in her relationship with Kyle and Lisa explains that she feels the same way. Lisa suggest that perhaps the relaxed vibes of France could propel the sisters to have a conversation. I'm not sure that vacation is the perfect time to tell someone, "I feel my relationship with you is fully surface," but then again I've never had a Parisian stamp in my passport. Maybe Kim could send an Edible Arrangement of croissants instead of fruit to get her point across?

Duck, Duck, Goose
That evening, Lisa had arranged for the gang to get their Julia Child on with a cooking class. But when it's time to board the bus, Kim is nowhere to be found. Lisa immediately has flashbacks to Hawaii, but this time when Yolanda and Kyle go to her room Kim stirs fairly quickly and Yolanda sees nothing suspect.

Kim eventually makes it down, and Lisa asks a few questions about what might have taken her so long. Kim's a bit offended by her concern and she wishes that people would allow her to succeed -- leading her to a bus breakdown that was deeply heart-breaking. Kim and Kyle try to have a moment to themselves to discuss the whole situation, but Lisa wants to smooth the whole thing over in time for ducks. Kim wants none of Lisa's chatter though, sending her back in to try to discuss the matter with the other ladies. Brandi, surprisingly, defends Kim's wishes, and just wants everyone to leave Kim alone (Chris Crocker-style).

But it's not just Kim that wants to be left alone -- it's the ducks. The ladies are getting right to the heart of chefdom with step one of their recipe being -- cut the furry head off of the "quack quacks." Note to Lisa: next time suggest making a vegetarian dish? However, this was all worth it (maybe) to see how the various ladies reacted to the action. We should all be as brave as Kim: "As long as he's not quacking while he's doing the whacking, I'm OK."

While Yolanda, didn't get her wish for French fries, the dinner did turn out beautifully -- particularly Brandi's, which was so perfectly decorated. Though here's an important note: don't cook with Yolanda unless you want to be slapped with beef. That is not a euphemism.

Of course, the dinner conversation didn't go down as smoothly as the "brown bubble gum." Lisa kept trying to discuss the Kim situation (much to Kim and Yolanda's chagrin). Thankfully, Brandi was there to wipe the cherry sauce from Kim's lip and comfort her in her time of edible need.

Tower of Babel
The next day, whilst shopping Lisa, Yolanda, and Kim discuss the Lisa situation. The grudge still seems in place between Kyle and Lisa, and Kyle is not having it. So Kyle decides to bring it up at a place where all major discussions should be had. . . at the Eiffel Tower. Hey it worked for Tom Cruise.

The ladies come to a resolution, but as their last conversation went, things don't particularly seemed to be resolved. Is it just me or does it seem like these gals aren't going to be breaking baguettes without reservation anytime soon?

What did you think? Will these two ever be OK? Will their feud interfere with Ken and Mauricio's Segway rides? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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