Brandi: Joyce Needs to Stop Talking in Circles

Brandi: Joyce Needs to Stop Talking in Circles

Brandi clarifies why she brought up Lisa living in the Valley and why Joyce needs to just get over it.

This season has been long and tough for all of us and watching the Reunion is always very difficult. I'm not really sure what to say because I think the show speaks for itself.

There were only a couple things that stood out to me that I feel need an explanation. When I repeated what Kyle had told me about Lisa living in Calabasas and going bankrupt, I was upset that Kyle didn't jump to my defense. Kyle has told me A LOT of stories about Lisa, way more than what I've talked about on the show or that any of you have heard about.


Moving on, one night when I was home alone, cyber stalking this guy I was dating, I decided to pay the $9.99 to check his criminal background because one can never be too safe. It's the site with Zoey Deschanel's mugshot (her mugshot was very cute by the way). After checking out my shady dater's past, I started entering names of other people I know -- even my own. I mean, I paid the money so why not?

Good news for all of you die-hard Lisa fans -- she doesn't have a criminal record. But it did list her prior residences and the Calabasas one came up. It was correct on everything it said about me, so I assumed it to be correct about her also. J. Lo, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, the Kardashians, and my children are a few people that live in the lovely city of Calabasas. My point when bringing this up was that Lisa has given me a lot of flack about where I live. My zip code, my area code, and even the luggage I used to carry, and I don't think it's very cool, that's it.

Now back to the rest of the "ladies."

Despite what some of us gals have said and reacted to, I promise you that Kyle isn't a bigot. I'm not a racist. And Carlton is absolutely not an anti-Semite. These kinds of labels have SUCH damaging consequences that I really think we all need to be much more careful about throwing them around.

Moving on, I really believe Joyce might think if she talks louder and longer than you then she is right and wins the debate. 


This ice dancer is exhausting and refuses to take responsibility for her own actions. When I mess up (which is often), I say I'm sorry and have genuine remorse. Then it's over. Joyce likes to blame Yolanda and me for the way she acted on the rooftop. Yolanda who wasn't even on the rooftop with us so clearly I am perplexed.

This woman claims that Yolanda at a lunch days prior to the rooftop fight somehow puppeteered her into acting the way she did. . .According to Joyce it's not her fault! Yolanda and I made her act like an ass towards Lisa somehow. This woman needs to stop talking in circles and take responsibility for her own actions. I could tell the moment I saw Joyce on the couch that Lisa had been in her ear, coaching her on what to say. Joyce may be Lisa's new me but I'd rather be free to have my own opinions.

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