Brandi's Warning and Dishonesty

Brandi's Warning and Dishonesty

Joyce thinks her Spanglish complicated the "hair incident" but blames Brandi for stirring the pot with Lisa.

Hola Mis Amores! I hope you all had a beautiful week and that this coming Thanksgiving is a gorgeous one for you all your loved ones. I'm thankful this year, as I am each year, for being so blessed. I thank God for my family, for our health, and for giving us yet another year to share the happiness.

There was a lot going on before the Cirque classes that you don't see, and a lot of things Brandi had said that made me wonder what sort of a friend she was to people (particularly with how she was acting to Kim and Kyle). Just know that by the time we got to the circus, I was thinking I had to be careful with her, and I felt that I could not trust her.

Let's move on to what you saw in this week's episode. . .

Seeing Yolanda with her gorgeous daughters is so beautiful! It makes me a bit homesick. I miss my mommy all the time. When I was growing up in Puerto Rico, I used to love taking my mommy's things and playing dress up.

Ken's surprise to Lisa was priceless! I've met the gorgeous puppy, and he's just too sweet for words. Although I admit I'm in love with the sexy Giggy. He's a total superstar.

My husband and I really bonded with Kyle and Mauricio over dinner. They poured their heart out and trusted us with their feelings. They are a fun and loving couple, and it's sad they have been going through so much.

I thought Kim was very sweet to organize the circus school for all of us.


Even though Kim repeats herself all the time (I do the same LOL), at the time I did think Yolanda made her feel bad by interrupting her little speech.

Some of our exercises at the circus were quite hard. I've always loved circus performers, but now I have a whole newfound respect for them. We had a lot of fun, and I'm thankful to Kim for that.

After the Circus we all went to the beautiful Rooftop at The Thompson Hotel. I was starving after our circus training.

When Kyle, Brandi, and Lisa were finished with their conversation -- in which I didn't voice an opinion because I think that was their personal drama and I wasn't filled in on what was "happening" -- I asked Lisa if we could speak "privately" because, as I said in the episode, not everything has to be a group thing. I believe that if you have something to say about someone, you should tell them to their face, not gossip and talk to everyone about it except the person in question.

I know that everything seems like it came out of nowhere, so I will give you all the "in" on what happened before the rooftop.

After Carlton's lunch at her house, Brandi called me on my cell. After a bit of very nice small talk, she told me she thought Lisa had been very rude to me at Carlton's during the house tour as Lisa was dismissive of me as I tried to fix her hair. Brandi then said that even though she "loved" her, Lisa was the type of person that can give criticism but can’t take it and that I should beware of this. At the time, I didn't know what to think of her call; was she genuinely calling to "check on me" or was she trying to stir the pot and make me dislike Lisa? I was more inclined towards the latter, given that on that exact same day I saw her act poorly towards both Kyle and Lisa, I felt that she was just trying to stir things up.

I didn't tell anyone about this conversation with Brandi because I didn't want to create any type of awareness to the silly hair incident, until a couple of days later over a beautiful lunch with Yolanda in Malibu. In my opinion, we were getting to know each other and I felt like I was bonding with Yolanda as we talked about how both of us grew up as very simple girls and then both modeled. I was very happy and was even talking to her about my mommy, which is my soft spot, when suddenly she says, "OK, this is boring. Let’s talk about what happened at Carlton's lunch". I was taken aback and didn't understand what exactly she was talking about until she told me that Brandi had called her to tell her Lisa had been very rude to me at Carlton's lunch. My response to Yolanda was, "Maybe Lisa was having a bad day or maybe she was on her period, because when I'm on my period I'm not exactly at my best."

Yolanda pushed for more details on what had happened, so I told her about the "silly" hair incident. After discussing this little "incident" with Yolanda and with Brandi, I felt I HAD to tell Lisa because I am not two-faced; I do not talk about someone with different people and not tell the person in question, which is why I needed to tell Lisa directly to her face.

I know that at the time Lisa was unfortunately trusting her BFF (Brandi) instead of the "new girl" and probably thought I was trying to create conflict. However, I think that everyone's true colors come out in time, and I believe that Lisa is the type of person that will appreciate a straight shooter and an honest person. I really didn't like how Brandi turned it around and tried to make it seem as if she was "having my back giving me a warning." WHAT EXACTLY WAS SHE WARNING ME ABOUT BY TALKING ABOUT HER BFF?

After watching the episode, I realize that I probably could have told Lisa just once or twice (including my reenacting of the incident LOL). I need to stop repeating myself so much; I do it all the time. It probably stems from the fact that I think in Spanish and have a terrible Spanglish going on, so I repeat myself until people let me know they understand what I'm trying to say. . .All of that combined with too much Latin passion!

Note to self: "Start trying to think in English!" LOL

Until next time. . .I send you all a big kiss! Happy Thanksgiving!

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