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How Rude and Hypocritical Is Carlton

Joyce can't stand the double standard Carlton is using when it comes to Brandi's word choice versus Kyle's harmless questions.

By Joyce Giraud de Ohoven

Hola mis amores! I'm back from China and still crazy jet lagged. I had one of the most beautiful trips and a very memorable time. Working with UNESCO is something I will always cherish. We helped Thirst in their program to educate children throughout China. I don't want to bore you all with how much I love my charity; I just want to create awareness to the fact that it is our social responsibility to give back and to educate our future.

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Now, to what you all want to hear -- the down low of this week’s episode. LOL. I was happy about the fact that you could see a little bit about who I am and you could "meet" my beautiful babies who are, as I said, the light of my eyes. My big baby (AKA my hubby) tries to teach them golf. He dreams of the day when and his boys can go to the golf course. My husband is simply the best! I’m so proud of him! I wouldn't just describe him as a gentleman and a great lover (as you heard on the episode). . .I always describe him as my soulmate, my prince, my teacher, my best friend, an amazing father, a gentleman, and the best lover in the world!

My mother is my inspiration and one of the proudest moments for her was when I finished my two bachelor degrees. She always taught me that looks fade, but an education is with you forever and gives you all the tools to succeed in life.

By now you all know a bit about the pageant I created "Queen of the Universe," so I'm very happy you also "met" my current Queen, Ivette. She is a beautiful girl both inside and out that has loved doing all the charity work we do together and for that I love her.

You also heard a bit of the story of how I was almost disqualified from representing my beautiful Puerto Rico in the Miss Universe pageant. But thanks to my mother for teaching me to NEVER be intimidated by anyone, I was gutsy enough to call the offices of Mr. Trump, and he allowed me to live through the pride and honor of being called Puerto Rico. The love and support I felt from all my people was simply amazing. We are such a small island, but so full of love, happiness, pride, and joy. I thank God each day for the blessing of being born in my lindo Puerto Rico!

Yes, it's true. I came to LA with two bags and a dream. My friends thought I was crazy to come here to study acting when I was making a lot of money modeling in Puerto Rico and Miami. LA seemed so far! I didn't know anyone, but I was persuaded by a manager that this was where I needed to be. It was quite a scary step, but I felt that modeling was just getting paid to look pretty -- and I'm always up for a challenge. I had discovered my love for acting in Puerto Rico when an amazing local director, Vicente Castro, gave me my first starring role without ever acting before. After that, I knew I wanted to act but I was also very aware of the fact that I needed to study it first; so I took the plunge and let destiny take its course. Thank God. . .It was a step I never had to regret because luckily I was always able to support myself being a working actress.

The reason why I chose "The Pretty Woman Hotel" (aka The Regent Beverly Wilshire) was because that was literally the only thing I knew about LA and being such a fan of the movie (which is still one of my favorite movies of all times) I wanted to see where they filmed it. So off I went with my two overweight bags. When I arrived in LA, I felt very overwhelmed and petrified! Even though I had a lot of savings from my modeling career, "The Pretty Woman Hotel" was way too expensive for me and after a couple of days I moved. . .Thanks to the wonderful valet guys and girls at the Beverly Wilshire who helped me. They told me to move to the Hilton because it would be cheaper (they even took me and my two bags in their pick up truck), then the girls helped me find a rental website so I could start looking for places. They were literally the angels God sent to help me navigate my fear in this city that seemed so big.

After a crazy and very weird apartment hunt, in which I didn't find my perfect roommate (ideally it would have been a gay guy), I was almost ready to give up and go back home when God sent me yet another angel!

My agents from Miami called me to check how I was doing, and I told them I was ready to give up because this city was maybe too big for me and I was having a very hard time finding a place. They introduced me to a friend of theirs who knew a lovely girl that was a lawyer for Disney and her roommate had just left. Another angel that God sent! Her name is Denise and she helped me understand the city until I finally convinced my gay best friend to move to LA and be my roommate. With him here I no longer felt lonely. We were Will and Grace (except it was really Javi and Joyce).

Let's get to the girls!

When I arrived at Kyle's house to meet up with all the girls I thought we would have a wonderful time because everyone was in a great mood. Brandi and Kyle were planning a play date with their kids and a double date, which I thought was sweet of them! I love when girls are friends and have each other’s back.

When we were in the limo the girls were talking about Lisa's faint being fake. I told them I hadn't seen it and that she didn't strike me as a faker. I honestly thought they were joking around. I didn't think they were questioning their friend. After all, Brandi always said Lisa was her BFF so I didn't think she could really be making fun of her.

When I saw the episode, I was shocked at Brandi's audacity to tell Lisa that "they" (aka the girls in the limo) were making fun of her faint when she was the one who made the most fun of it. This raised a red flag for me with Brandi, but I still gave her the benefit of the doubt because just one incident isn't enough to make a real opinion on someone. After what she told Lisa, I can see why Lisa was upset and very distant with me. There was a small "incident" that happened while Carlton was giving us a tour of her home and In that moment I thought Lisa was being rude or dismissive but after watching how Brandi set it up I can completely understand Lisa not being so warm towards me.


When we arrived at Carlton's house I thought it was gorgeous! Very grand and goth! She was very nice and opened the gift I brought her. I bonded with her beautiful nanny and her friend AC and I never thought Carlton had a problem with me so you can understand how her comments in her interviews are a shock to me. . .even a bit hurtful coming from someone who NEVER told me she had a problem with me. I know we all went through this journey, but the blogs are written now and to be so mean and judgmental is uncalled for, especially from a person who says she hates labels. She was quite quick to label me on day one in her blog (never to my face).

After I saw the first episode the first thing I did was call Carlton. We had a great conversation; she told me she adored me and she had my f--ing back 100 percent. I wish she would've told me how she REALLY felt at any given time. Perhaps it would be easier to swallow than to hear someone saying such unpleasant things about you when they smile to your face.

It's just very hypocritical and an extreme double standard how Brandi can call her a "C U Next Tuesday" and she smiles. She is basically OK with such an ugly word even when referred directly to her and doesn't even care that Brandi made a very mean comment about her husband David, but any little thing Kyle says she's very quick to attack. At least she attacked Kyle openly. She's only attacked me behind my back.

I thought Kyle's question ("Were you raised Catholic, because you have all the crosses?") was very valid given that the house is almost church-like -- with an uncountable amount of crosses, an altar, and even a confessional booth. When people meet, it's small talk. It doesn't mean Kyle was trying to be offensive or provocative. At least I didn't see it that way. What I did see was how rude Carlton's reaction was.


Yolanda can call Carlton a "sexy hexe," which means sexy witch in Dutch (By the way I do think she is a very sexy witch but that's besides the point LOL), but Kyle asking if she practiced witchcraft immediately offends her. Stop saying you are a "girl's girl" and that women are great if they would only get out of each other's way when you are so easily offended by certain girls that have done nothing to you. Yet, you seem so happy to receive the word c--- or witch from other girls? Don't say you are a girl's girl, then talk trash about the girls around you if you can't tell them to their face!

After Brandi brought up her vaginal reconstruction, all of us girls were having a fun about it. When Kyle asked me if I would ever do that, I jokingly told her I'm so tight if I had a nip and tuck it wouldn't fit. Out-of-context, I can understand this being odd, but I don't feel the need to apologize for being inappropriate because we were ALL talking about it. It didn't just come out of the blue, so if Carlton felt the need to throw up she should have done so and she should have told me to my face!

I'm bubbly, open, and fun because I genuinely LOVE life. I feel so blessed with my life that I try not to waste time being guarded or negative -- but perhaps around Carlton I can't be as open as I always am because it seems she jumps at everything I say, takes it out of context, and is quite quick to judge. Like my British friends would say: "Bugger off with your negativity." Be happy and stop hating for no reason.

Let's talk about Kyle: I felt bad for her! She was so upset she walked away crying!!! That I DO NOT like and my instinct will always be to go with the underdog. Just hours before I saw Brandi planning a play date and a double date with Kyle, and then in front of the group she brings up the rumors. I'm sorry, but, in my book, that's not a friend! That was very uncalled for and absolutely inappropriate in a group of people. Flag Number 2 for Brandi, but at this point I'm still giving her the benefit of the doubt because she hasn't done anything to me directly. Although it worries me the way she's acted on one same day towards both Lisa and Kyle.

About the rumors. . .All I can say is that both my husband and I have met Mauricio. He is a gentleman, has an amazing mom, and their daughters are stunning and super sweet! Portia is a gorgeous princess. Kyle is a great mommy and wife, and they are a beautiful family! Spreading rumors or even bringing up rumors to potentially try to endanger such a beautiful family is a big NO! YOU DO NOT MESS WITH FAMILY!!!

Until next week! I send you all a big kiss, and thank you for your support and all the sweet tweets!


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