Joyce Thought Carlton Was Having Fun

Joyce Thought Carlton Was Having Fun

Until she saw tonight's episode, Joyce thought everyone had a great time at Kyle's lunch.

Hola Mis Amores!

Hello from China. I'm here having one of the most amazing experiences ever. I'm working with UNESCO on a project called "Thirst," which educates children all over China and promotes awareness to the fact that 300 million people in China do not have access to water. Already in 10 years from now two-thirds of the world's population will NO longer have access to drinkable water, which puts into perspective how lucky we are and how petty it seems to be having silly arguments and all the cattiness in this group of Beverly Hills girls. . .But, it's what I signed up for and I'm not going to criticizes it so here we go. . .

The first thing I must say is that I'm extremely grateful for all the support and love. I guess these blogs are where you can say what you thought about episodes and speak your mind out so I do have to clarify something. . . Sometimes in a conversation, if you only catch a glimpse of it, certain things might seem a bit odd.

I've been getting a lot of questions about my beautiful hubby and I "opening" a conversation with the fact that he wants a "naked room." That is far from the fact and all of us who were there know that Lisa and my husband had been joking around. Since my hubby is a producer Lisa was jokingly telling him he needed to produce a porn for her. (Even if sometimes I don't get the British humor. . .I LOVE Lisa's humor, she is very funny.) As we were discussing movies, we joked about a movie we saw called Failure to Launch with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey. In it Matthew's father wants him to leave the house so he can get a naked room. It's been an ongoing gag since we saw the movie and that night we were all having fun and talking about that. My husband and Mauricio were joking about it and when Kyle pulled us over to meet Carlton and David we were still talking about that. It didn't just come just out of the blue.

Now. . .about Carltons remarks and comments about me "f---ing" with her children's names. When we were there and since I've known her for the past months she NEVER mentioned anything about it (not once). She knows when I said I liked the girls names even better than Cross I was referring to the fact that prior to that I told her how cool the name Cross is.

If it ever bothered her that much I would've expected her to tell me to my face instead of making it a big deal on a "confessional" or writing so negative about it on her blog. Don't be two-faced and don't be so negative! Life is great!

About me calling my hubbys package aka penis a "peepee." I have two young boys (one just turned four and the other one is one). Around my children I don't use the words cock or dick. Ever since I grew up in Puerto Rico we have called it "peepee." It's a cute name to call it without being so vulgar. So you can understand why I used the term LOL. But honestly -- of all people, I wouldn't expect Carlton to take offense from it considering the language she uses and how "open" she is.

On this week's episode I felt so sad seeing Yolanda in the hospital that when she cried I cried with her. Life is so short and we all have to be so thankful for so many things that we sometimes take for granted like our health.

Lisa is a great dancer. . .She dances beautiful and graceful.

I had so much fun at Kyle's lunch and I loved her friend Sharon. We really had quite a laugh. I must say Carlton was a bit "up tight" and watching the episode I can see how she felt Kyle was being a bit "dismissive" about her cat story but she did finish the story to me. But the reality is. . .Loosen up! It's just us girls having fun by a beautiful pool.

As for the story of how I met my love. . .Yes, I admit it's a bit long but I love telling people how we met, especially in a place like LA where people are a bit jaded and they say you can't find love here. I found my prince and I love to give all those jaded people hope. My big advice to girls is always to not settle for "Mr. Right Now" because "Mr. Right" can pass you by and you'll never realize it. Just wait your turn because destiny is a beautiful thing and there is a divine plan for everything. I think I'm living proof of that


Yes! I CONFESS! I'm a snorter. LMFAO! I'm not so proud of it as a lot of people have made fun of me for it but I guess the cats out of the bag. . . After tonight's episode you all know and there's no hiding it so I'll just embrace it. I do control it on sets when I'm acting, but in real moments where I'm having fun with the girls I don't feel the need to control anything LOL.

Bottom line is. . .we had a lot of fun at Kyle's and to be quite honest I thought Carlton had fun too until I've seen tonight's episode. The reality is when we said our goodbyes she said, "It was fun and I hope the other times will be as fun." I guess you never know what people are really thinking. I just tend to take their word for it but I do NOT like it when people are smiling to your face and then say something else.

Just another week in Beverly Hills!
Kisses from China,

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