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Recap: Kim's Adorable Empty Nest Syndrome

Ep 5: It was all in the Beverly Hills fam, as our recapper decides which family moment warmed her cold heart the most.

By Kim Moreau

Hello Beverly Hillsians. After last week's traumatics, I hope we all our hairs are in place and we're eager to spend some quality times with the ladies and their families. 'Tis the season after all. 

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We open with Yolanda making sandwiches for her family. As someone who believes the greatest pleasure in life is a sandwich someone else makes for you, this is very exciting! But first get the goose out of the pool!


Yolanda's family is the most adorable. I just want to do belly flops with Leo all day.

Less adorable, Brandi is having some poop problems with her pups. Chica is getting #dogshamed. Maybe she can take that same, gentle approach to get back on track with her dad?


In less exciting dog news, Portia is tired of bathing Bambi. And Kyle is tired of not being supported by her friends. . .


The Richards-Umanskys are less than pleased that Lisa has jumped up to defend their character. But Lisa, says she just doesn't want to way in on something that she could never presume the answer to. I think Ken might have the right idea -- say what's in your heart. Hopefully it's not too late for Lisa to say that to Kyle. . .

I know we've talked a lot about dogs so far this recap, so let's launch right in to talk about cats.  Carlton's cat is in need of a special kind of healing. Felines and I aren't always on the same page, but now I know that we can bond over our dislike of accupuncture, because midnight did not seem into it.


Meanwhile, as Kim Richards does her best parallel parking/casualwear choosing job, her sister and Joyce bond over their love of Hannibal Lecter masks. 


Just kidding, their just having some girl time and talking about planning a trip. Oh Joyce is also throwing a hint of shade by mentioning that Lisa is "the oldest person in the group." Joyce thinks a healing trip to Palm Springs will ensure that everyone is on equal footing, and if not they can always use the masks to sedate whoever gets out of line.

Speaking of throwing shade, let's talk about Kathy Hilton. Kathy Hilton can neutralize you with a look. A simple mention of "are you wearing that shoe?" strikes fear in both Kim, Kyle -- and me too y'all.


I kid, I kid. I was however reduced to sniffles hearing sweet Kim talk about Kimberly leaving the nest (and Kyle urging her tots not too). Also Stevie Wonder! And David Foster being a precious husband. This week was the most adorable. Did you weep for the joy? Did you wonder if Slash baptized Carlton's son? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Are you deeply stressed about next week's jaunt to Palm Springs? And what did you think of that makeout reveal?!? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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