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Kyle's First Degree Ass Kissing of Lisa

Yolanda can't stand Kyle's two-faced behavior and wishes she would stop projecting her relationship with Lisa on to her.

By Yolanda Hadid

Hi everyone! It has been a long time. I hope you and your loved ones are well. Life in my world has been extremely frustrating for the past year as I have been struggling through my days battling the debilitating symptoms of Lyme Disease. I know this is the path faith has assigned me for a reason, so I hope that this season I will be able to bring awareness to this silent killer and be a voice for those who can’t be heard. I’m convinced that probably everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. it’s just one more reason to always try to be kind. . .

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Alright let’s get to business. . .

It’s a joy to be out of the house and to spend the day with my Gigi at her photo shoot. Such déjà vu to be on set with world renowned photographer Marc Kayne, who I travelled the world with as a young model. It takes work to inspire and motivate our children to choose a healthy lifestyle and create an independent life for themselves, but the feeling of accomplishment when you see them thrive is beyond words. Besides her modeling career, Gigi wants to study criminal psychology and move to NYC.

I am excited for Brandi to get her new place with a new beginning. Finding that financial independence away from a broken relationship is probably one of the most powerful places a woman can get to. I promised to help Brandi with furnishing her place because she asked and even though I am dragging my ass, I always do what I say I am going to do. I have been where she is going, so I am committed to help her find the best deal out there. Because no matter what your budget is you must always spend your money wisely.

I am proud of Lisa for getting the opportunity to be on Dancing With the Stars and I am excited to see her compete. Gleb is probably more than any of us middle aged woman can handle!!!

It’s nice to see Kyle in her store and working to succeed in the Beverly Hills business world. It didn’t seem like she quite understood the purpose of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.

There are so many catering services in this town. The fact that she is choosing to hire Lisa’s restaurant, SUR, to do her party is once again a clear example of first degree ass kissing and maybe the greatest lie of all! Even her own daughter is pointing this out to her. What kind of message does that send to her children? She belittles Lisa and then turns around and pretends nothing ever happened. It’s all so fake and confusing to me.

Kyle’s perception of Lisa’s and my friendship is the same perception of our conversation in paris, which in both cases is wrong.


The Paris conversation in this boring debate took place one-and-a-half years ago, and it will forever more be her word against mine. But honestly, she must have nothing more substantial going on in her life to still be feeling the need to talk about this. It’s interesting to watch her try to minimize my relationship with Lisa and obsessively try to attack my integrity as a human being. How many times can you call someone a liar in one episode? Most psychologists would call that projection.

Kim and her dog are adorable and great comedy. I am so happy to see that very funny playful side of Kim focusing on making a home for her and her family rather than roaming the side streets of Rodeo Drive.

Watching Kyle’s party makes me feel really stupid. I should have followed my intuition and declined her invitation. The “Oh lord, here comes. . .ahhhhhh” comment when she sees me at her party again shows how fake she really is. It’s hard not to react when I see her mocking my accent and my husband, but for now, I will leave that alone and focus what energy I have on more positive things.

The liquid courage seems to be working for Kyle. I truly hope maybe one day she will actually have the balls to sit face-to-face with me and tell me instead of everyone else how she really feels about me.

I don’t really understand how our show gets mixed in with Vanderpump Rules, but my only comment is, I’m wondering why Scheana is still working for Lisa? wouldn’t you think you would fire someone if you found out they destroyed your best friend’s marriage?

Anyway, the only positive part of this night was meeting Joyce, Carlton and their hubbies. Both beautiful, interesting women who I look forward to getting to know better in the future.

until next week,

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