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What Drives the Richards Sisters?

Yolanda thinks jealousy and insecurity drive Kim and Kyle's behavior; plus she clarifies what happened with Joanna Krupa.

By Yolanda Hadid

Hello Bravo lovers, I hope you enjoyed tonight's episode and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. . .

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I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even though we don't celebrate this in Holland, I have grown to love it, and it is my favorite holiday. I enjoy the togetherness of the family in the kitchen, cooking, and then sitting around eating, drinking wine, and chatting until we roll in front of the TV and watch movies 'til late hours.

OK here we go. . .Trashy Lingerie is a landmark in LA and seeing Brandi and Carlton there makes me smile and makes me happy because it's a great example of what girlfriend time should be like -- fun, loving, and supportive of each other's beliefs and success without judging or jealousy, which seems to be rare these days, especially in Beverly Hills.


When I got the invite to go to the Cirque school, I thought it was a splendid idea. Even though I am in no physical shape to participate much, I was happy to get out of the house and looked forward to seeing everyone for the first time after the reunion in a light and playful setting. Obviously there are a lot of unresolved issues within this group.

I'm not very diplomatic and wear my heart on my sleeve. I cannot fake, make nice, or even pretend nothing ever happened between the Richards sisters and I. They insulted my integrity and they continue to do so. I always wonder, what drives women like that? I assume the sad answer is insecurity and jealousy.

As a woman, I am very proud of Kim's personal accomplishments and will always root for her sobriety. I don't particularly care for the way she spoke to me and repeatedly told us how to behave at an afternoon of adult women’s gymnastics. I just don't agree with her lack of wanting to resolve issues, but rather choosing to swipe them under the carpet and fake OK for the day! I certainly wasn't trying to be rude; I just have a strong need to communicate on a deeper level to get clarity. I had hoped to resolve some issues by the end of the afternoon so that we could finally move on but I guess we continue this superficial bulls--- for a little while longer.

I strongly believe that a lot of problems in this group would disappear if we started to talk to each other rather than about each other.

On a better note, I am so happy you are finally seeing my baby girl Bella (who usually runs when she sees the cameras), but we were lucky to catch her on this particular day when I am packing and her sister is leaving for London. These two rascals in my closet just crack me up. They always make me smile and are my absolute happiness. Raising them to be humble and without entitlement in their so very privileged life has always been my biggest challenge. I am proud to say that they grew up shopping at Target and Abercrombie rather than Gucci and Chanel. But now that they are finally taller than I am, I gladly let them borrow things for special occasions. I am happy they are starting to work and make their own money so that they can finally learn the true value of it.

Prom was so exciting for the girls. Seeing them and all their friends dressed up looking all grown up was pretty special and exciting. Having them taken in large limos to undisclosed locations for an all night Prom Party was a little scary but I guess that’s part of being in a graduating class. Extravagant? Yes. Obnoxious? No.

After our lunch at Carlton's house, Kyle, or someone in her camp, told the press that Brandi, Lisa and I bullied her. Really?!? The definition of bullying is: to use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.


It's such a strong and serious allegation. None of us has any malicious intent when it comes to Kyle. I agree with Lisa, she could have easily retracted that statement and cleared up the situation by tweeting about it but she chose not to.

Brandi brought up Mauricio's situation at lunch because it was all over the press and everyone was talking about it -- except in front of Kyle. Mauricio seems like an honorable man to me, so the truth lies between him and God. Yes, I insinuated that where there is smoke there is fire, because I believe that to be true. As a woman who experienced infidelity firsthand, I will always advise my girlfriends to only trust their husbands 95 percent and leave 5 percent for human error.

Anyway, the conversation was never meant to hurt Kyle in anyway, but rather to show her support, share experiences, and give her an opening to talk about it. Isn't that what these girlfriend lunches are for?

The statistics that I have read show that 70 perecent of married men admit to cheating. So let’s not sit here and pretend everything is so perfect because life just isn't!

No matter what my issues are with Kyle, I feel for her and I truly wished the Umansky family was spared this public embarrassment, as their children did not ask to be in the public eye and I can only imagine how much pain this caused their beautiful girls. My heart goes out to them and I only wish them love while they continue to recover from this low blow.

The tabloids so easily throw people under the bus for a one-day sensation on the newsstand but sadly don't care about the long-term damage it does to those involved.

Which leads me to clarify that Joanna Krupa did not cause Mohamed and I's divorce. Unfortunately infidelity did, but at this point, 12 years later, we have left that negative chapter behind and have moved on to be friends and are united parents to our children.

I always like to remind myself that the most honorable people of all are not those who never make mistakes, but those who admit to them when they do and then move on and do their best to right the wrongs they have made.

Since I was not able to join the girls for lunch due to my daughter's prom, I am going to refrain from commenting on all the bickering. I just wonder when this is ever going to stop? It just all sounds so insignificant and such a waste of precious time. There are so many causes and charities we as a group could focus this energy on and try to make a difference in this world.

I am often reminded (by a pink sticky note on my computer) of Eleanor Roosevelt's brilliant quote: "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."

I think I am going to leave it at that. Thank you so much for checking in, please continue to watch the show as this story will unfold.

Much love to you,


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