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Eileen: There Is a Lot of Family History at Play

Eileen worries that Lisa R. might have just added fuel to the Kyle/Kim fire.

By Eileen Davidson

It’s our last night in Holland, and I’m really hoping it’s a fun one. I’m completely finished with Amsterdrama!

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The mood at dinner is definitely lighter and happier. It was nice of Brandi to go on a date and for Yolanda’s brother Leo and his fabulous wife Liseth to join us. They are both beyond hilarious and fun. I have a blast with everyone sharing our Red Light District stories. And then there’s Yolanda and Julio Iglesias?! It’s great to talk and laugh with friends—the way this trip was supposed to be! Too bad it had to come when it is almost over. It was a really fantastic night filled with a lot of laughter.

Big thanks to Yolanda for her hospitality and showing us her country from her perspective. And in spite of all the drama, I managed to have fun with most of the ladies some of the time. LOL.

I’m just a little happy to be back in LA! I practically kissed the walkway. I missed Vin and Jesse so much! I promise I’ll never complain about Jesse not doing his homework again (OK, wait, I take that back, no need to go too far).

I was very sorry to hear that Brandi’s father was ill. Many good wishes for a speedy recovery and prayers to her family. She opens up to Yolanda, and it’s definitely different to see a vulnerable side of her. In spite of everything, I feel badly for her. Yes, because of her dad. There’s nothing as scary as the thought of losing a loved one. I also can see that she obviously feels victimized.  I don’t get that at all. It’s somewhat unsettling hearing Brandi tell Yolanda that she doesn’t have an issue with me. I’m frightened to think how she treats someone that she DOES have an issue with! I still have no idea what I’ve done to her to provoke her attacks on me. But, guess what? I don’t care. I’m trying to focus on the things in life that truly matter, like family, health, and happiness.

Brandi Breaks Down

It’s good that Kyle finally knows what Lisa R. discussed with Brandi at their lunch regarding their MUTUAL concern for Kim. However, I’m wondering if Lisa R. should have told Kyle this information so soon after Amsterdam. I’m not wondering, actually, I’m screaming at the TV, “No Lisa, no!” As supportive as I am of Kyle and Kim working things out (remember I wanted to help them with that weeks ago?), I have to say at this point, I feel like Lisa R. and I have tried and failed to help, and entering back into that arena is not a good idea. For anyone.

Money issues within a family can be a toxic situation.”

Eileen Davidson

But let’s hope it works in Kim and Kyle’s favor. Maybe going away from everyone and everything will be the thing they need to mend some fences. Just when it looks like they are making some headway, it hits the fan. Kyle tells Kim what Lisa R. told her about Brandi’s concern for Kim, and the word “intervention” comes up. If that’s not enough to create a problem, there is a lot of family history at play. Money issues within a family can be a toxic situation, and clearly after the passing of their mother, bad feelings have prevailed amongst the sisters.

At the end of the night it appears, at least, that they mutually have come to a place of love. I hope the future can be brighter for their relationship.


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