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Yolanda: A Homemade Meal Goes a Long Way

Yolanda discusses the importance of making time for love and romance, even when you don't feel like it.

By Yolanda Hadid

Woo-hoo, Bravo lovers! You helped us deliver record ratings last week. Thank you for tuning in and embarking on this journey with us.

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It just feels right this season. Like I mentioned before, Lisa R. and Eileen add an authentic and substantial new flavor to our group that will be exciting for you to see. The sooner the rest of us can move on from wasting more breath on beaten-to-death past issues, the better.

Lisa R. is a fascinating chameleon that has been able to keep reinventing herself to stay relevant in such a challenging profession, and I love that she is proud to do whatever it takes to keep on laughing her way to the bank. A woman after my own heart.


It's my greatest pleasure to see others' succeses, and I am so proud of Mauricio’s accomplishments of running his world renowned real estate firm “The Agency.” He and Kyle are a great team and deserve all the perks that come with their newfound succes.

As for all of us parents raising children in a privilaged world, the greatest challenge is to keep our children humble, grounded, and hungry enough to create succes on their own and experience that great sense of accomplishment that comes with that.

Kim and Brandi crack me up. They are like The Single Girl's Guide of What Not to Do. I am looking forward to watching these two partners in crime, because I’ve heard through the grapevine that they are going to get into all kinds of trouble.

Riding with Kim was so much fun. She makes me laugh. We giggled and rode our little hearts out. I haven’t sat on a horse for the past three years, so it was extra special for me to be out in nature and to have a chance to reconnect with my friend on such a beautiful day. 

It is lovely to see Lisa V. taking our beautiful Shiva under her wing and showing her the ropes in Beverly Hills. She’s definetly got this figured out, because Ken ended up doing a good job with her birthday present.

Date night with my love just puts a big fat smile on my face. We were supposed to go to Nobu that night, so his reaction to this little surprise was worth all the effort of putting it together. Nothing makes me happier then seeing that spark in my hubby’s eyes.

I have always been fascinated with romance and the fact that it is so effortless when we first fall in love but how it then becomes a conscious effort to stay creative and connected. Thats why I always say, “Get wise, keep your romance alive.”

I love to love and crave intimacy, but the truth is that I did have to remind myself of my own quote a couple of times the past two and a half years. Everyone battling an illness or just juggling the pressures of life knows how hard it is to hang on to that most important part of our relationship sometimes.

I always tease my husband, saying he married a lemon, because while I shined so bright the first seven years of our relationship, I kind of lacked a little these past two,  but I do know a homemade meal and a good bottle of wine goes a long way.

Through sickness and through health sounds so simple on your wedding day, but in reality, they become significant words that are a huge responsibility and show true character to navigate. My husband deserves a medal. His love, physical support, and generosity is beyond what I could have ever dreamed of having in a partner, and I can only hope that our love and passion will make it through to the end of this lymie road. I am blessed and greatful to have him by my side.

I can't wait to get on Korea Air and am dreaming of a homemade Thanksgiving dinner at Mohamed’s house, who is in charge of cooking up a storm this year for a special day with our big unconventional family.

I wish you and yours a happy and healthy Turkey Day, filled with love and laughter.

Until next week,



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