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Eileen Davidson: There’s Definitely More to the Story

Eileen is surprised that Lisa Vanderpump was so upset by the room switch-up. 

By Eileen Davidson

We are hitting the road! Off to the Hamptons, with a couple stops in between for QVC selling and a Chicago Pride show.
Kyle and I seem to be missing helpful packing partners. Portia was smart to escape from the closet debacle. I’ve had my closet rods collapse on me, too, and it’s not fun. No wonder Kyle built a brand new dressing room. Smart girl. Me? Not so smart. Having Vincent help me pack clothes with the price tags on? AMATEUR move! Lisa R. texted me when she saw this episode, “What were you thinking? You have to cut those suckers off!” I’ve now learned: Always destroy the evidence. I won’t make the same mistake again.

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A $500 Dress?!

I concur with wiping down everything in hotel rooms. Cooties! I do the same thing when I travel. It’s great to see Lisa R. in her element at QVC. Just casually hanging out in her selling bubble with Isaac Mizrahi, no big deal…not. We could all learn something from her hustle. And she seems she has the Midas Touch when it comes to selling to her customer, “Shirley.” Go Lisa! Sell! Sell! Sell!
Love Erika packing for her show in Chicago. Erika Jayne has quite the wardrobe. Of course, she needs to pack her things in steamer trunks. And the conversation about the “breezy” vagigi? Oh boy. I mean girl. I mean, never mind. I think it is wonderful that Erika’s son is a police officer. It’s such a challenging and dangerous job. It says a lot about how she raised him that he chose that field. It was really interesting to see that the relationship their family has with the police chief doesn’t help her son out at all. He’s not getting any special treatment on the streets. She must be so proud of him.
I’m biting my nails thinking of Yolanda going into surgery. The procedure sounds scary enough, but nothing could compare to seeing that implant come out of her body. I cringed when her doctor said there was silicone webbed into her breast tissue. Double cringed when she explained the silicone leakage had traveled up to Yolanda’s clavicle. The whole thing was horrific. I can’t believe poor Yo has been living with all of that inside her body this whole time. Removing her implant was definitely the right decision, and it appears that now her immune system may bounce back as a result. Let’s all hope this helps her regain her health.
OK. There are two things I need in life (well, a few more things than two, but you get my drift): sleep and food. After my redeye to the Hamptons (because, unlike Erika, I don’t have one--let alone two--private planes), I figured out a new life motto: No bass music before 9 AM. The hotel we were supposed to stay in was lovely, except for the fact that our rooms were right off the pool. The pool where the club tracks started playing promptly at 9 AM! Not only was there no room service, the one restaurant available didn’t even open until 1 PM. No food before 1 PM. is not OK. There wasn’t even a Jack-in-the-Box close by. Kyle was definitely feeling my pain, because with equal enthusiasm we escaped from the hell of the town’s “biggest and baddest nightclub experience.” No. Thank. You. The happiness I felt being in that beautiful home (thanks, Mauricio!), where I could sleep in peace and be in the vicinity of a fully-stocked fridge was unparalleled. Lisa R. felt the same way after her five-hour drive.
Despite being exhausted from traveling, work, and not sleeping, the three of us got all dressed up and went to the white party to support Lisa V.’s cover of Bella Magazine. I didn’t think moving would be a problem. I agree with Lisa R.--it shouldn’t matter where we are sleeping, we showed up! I guess I was wrong. Plus, I was always taught it was polite to leave a note!

The Ladies Leave Lisa Vanderpump High and Dry

I think all three of us are very surprised that Lisa V. felt like we abandoned her. We abandoned the nightclub, not you, Lisa V.! At first I think she’s joking, but it seems she’s really taken it personally. If just needing a good night's sleep and a meal is high maintenance, then I guess I’m high maintenance?
Not going to lie, it’s a little tense sitting down with everyone at the party. I think we can maybe all use a glass of champagne and some neutral ground. Oh no, not so fast, because Kim gets brought up again. Like Kyle said, there’s definitely more to the story. It’s hard not to want to get to the bottom of it. But Kyle has said so many times that she wants to keep her family stuff private, and I will hold my curiosity to honor that. Unfortunately for Kyle, no one else agrees, and the topic keeps getting dragged out.
Do You Want Me to Talk About Your Stuff?

Now, it’s looking like the tension in the air about the room switch was only the beginning.

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