Erika Girardi Reveals the Interview Look She Regrets Most

Erika Girardi Reveals the Interview Look She Regrets Most

But it's the not the one you think it is...

By Megan Segura

It's always exciting to see what looks the Real Housewives will pull out for their confessionals each season. Some are understated, some are over-the-top, but all are much debated among #RHOBH fans. The Season 6 interview hairstyle viewers were most conflicted about? Erika Girardi's big hair.

Surprisingly, it was the high ponytail--not the voluminous hair--that Erika has second thoughts about. 

"Can I tell you? That thing gives me, like, a massive headache," Erika recently told ET Online. "It's terrible. That pony is snatched within a moment of its life. For real, when I was trying to wink, I couldn't. My head was snatched back so far."

She also went on to defend her big hair.

"You know, I touched on The Stepford Wives a little bit with the pink [look], and everybody was like, 'Why is your hair so big?!' I was like, 'I'm touching on something ... and then we gave you very pulled-up suit and Cartier diamonds in the hair."

See what really goes into creating those interview set-ups now:

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