Erika Girardi: Things Are Clearly Tense

Erika Girardi: Things Are Clearly Tense

Erika wishes Kathryn and Faye had met under different circumstances.

My heart really goes out to Eileen in this episode. To lose such an important person in your life is unimaginable. I really hope Eileen is able to find some peace in knowing that she was a loving sister and has honored Connie's memory so beautifully.

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Eileen Davidson Says Goodbye to Her Sister

Kyle’s “barbecue” (dinner party) was really pretty but things certainly got interesting. Bella and Anwar's Lyme disease was mentioned during dinner out of the company of Yolanda. It would have been more appropriate to ask Yolanda herself rather than someone else after Yolanda had turned in for the evening. As mothers we should all be sensitive to talking about one another's children--especially if they are facing challenges of any kind.
Things are clearly tense between Kathryn and Faye. It's sad that they are brought together by a tragedy that occurred over two decades ago. I'm sure had they met on different terms they might be friends, as I find them both smart and genuinely kind women. While many things were said, I can tell this is still an unresolved situation and is certainly not the end of conversation for these two.

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Kathryn Edwards Confronts Faye Resnick

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