Erika Girardi: We Should Be More Sensitive

Erika Girardi: We Should Be More Sensitive

Erika explains why she told Yolanda the truth about what happened at Kyle's BBQ.

Hi everyone!

I want to start off by saying how happy it made me to get out to the beach with Yolanda. I almost forgot how pretty Malibu can be. It was such a gorgeous day, it almost made me miss my old Malibu home. She had not been on the beach in months, so this was really special. With everything she’s dealing with right now, she deserves some time to enjoy herself.

When Yolanda asked what happened after she left the party, I told her. The situation is upsetting to her, and she’s been through enough already. Like I said last week, we should be more sensitive when discussing other people's children and the challenges they may face. But as her friend, I will look out for her.

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Don't Go After Yolanda Foster's Kids

I think Lisa Rinna did the right thing to have a face-to-face conversation with Yolanda regarding her illness. Speculation and “chatter” about something so serious and personal is hurtful, and it causes division within the group. I’m glad they were able to talk it out one-on-one. Perhaps they can move on from here.

I want to extend my congratulations to both Kyle and Mauricio, as well as Lisa and Ken for such loving marriages. Happy Anniversary! Having a Moulin Rouge anniversary party was a great idea and, as you know, I love a good costume, so I felt right at home. And I do love Kyle for hitting a split! Werk, Mama!

Kathryn and Lisa Vanderpump are united with their hard feelings towards Faye. It can be hard to let go of bad blood from the past, but they are three intelligent women, and I'm hoping they will be able to take a step forward soon. Time will tell.

Erika x

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