Kathryn Edwards: Every Other Issue Pales in Comparison

Kathryn explaims how dealing with addiction in her own family has shaped her view of Kim's struggle.

This Isn't a Soap Opera
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Hello Everyone,


This will be short and sweet as I feel I have said everything before and my view on those things hasn't changed.


Watching the part of the reunion with Kim and Kyle had me crying again all over again.

I have so many feelings with regard to this topic, as you all can see. 


It's difficult to watch anyone you love and care about fight addiction. 

Seeing Kyle and Kim struggle through the feelings and try to put it back together made me very emotional, because I know how important that is. 


I was overly sensitive to everything, especially this, because of my family's struggles. 

It's tough, it's draining, but when it's your family or your loved ones...you keep picking up the pieces and trying to put it back together, because the alternative isn't better. 

I could never turn my back on someone while they are fighting the fight. 

I understand that some people have to walk away for their own survival, but I would hope that those of us that are healthy and well have empathy for those in the struggle. 


It feels diminutive to talk about anything else. Every other issue pales in comparison to health and well being. 


I'd like give a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who wrote, messaged, tweeted or Instagramed support and condolences to me and my family. I was very touched by all of it, and I read everything. Thank you. 


On that note, until next week.


Ending on a positive note:

Sometimes it takes the darkest times for us to see and be grateful for all the love and blessings we have in our lives. 





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