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Lisa Rinna: I Am No Doctor

Lisa Rinna opens up and shares why she brought up Munchausen syndrome to Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump.

By Lisa Rinna
Lisa Rinna Expresses Concerns About Yolanda

Before I get started on this week’s blog, I want to take a moment to offer my condolences to Lisa V and Ken for the loss of their beloved dog, Daddio. I know how much they loved Giggy’s dad and my heart was heavy hearing of this news. Much love to all of them.

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We start off by seeing Lisa and Ken welcoming two new mini-horses into Villa Rosa. It’s nice to see Lisa’s friends, Tina and Houston, bring the two mini-horses to her after the journey we had been through the first time. They thought they were getting one miniature horse but ended up with two perfect mini horses. This really was the perfect ending for Ken’s birthday and the look of shock on both of their faces was priceless!

Isn’t it a hoot to watch Kyle and me try to navigate as mothers in the teenage girl world? I have to say, it makes me feel better knowing that I’m not alone in the drama that comes with teenage daughters. I can always relate to the situations that Kyle finds herself in with her girls. And how cute is little Portia in her acting class? So funny to watch her do the same Red Leather Yellow Leather warm-up that I was doing last season.

Yeah, so I have a hard time with technology. I’m so glad we figured out FaceTime because I really missed my family while they were up in Canada at the lake. I couldn’t be there because I had work commitments for my QVC line, The Lisa Rinna Collection. Working with my designer, Sue Novar who I co-design with, is one of my favorite parts of this gig because it’s been a longtime dream of mine to take my love of fashion and design my own line of clothes. My comfy, cozy, California chic vibe comes from my store, Belle Gray that I had for 10 years. I just love being able to design clothes that will fit all sizes of women. I believe every woman should look good, feel good and be comfortable. The good news is, I was able to head directly up to Canada to see my family and spend two glorious weeks with them. If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen many pictures that I posted from that vacation.

My kind of Heaven.

A photo posted by Lisa Rinna (@lisarinna) on

I can certainly understand the dynamics of juggling work, family, husband, home, etc., so I could relate to the conversation Eileen had with Vince at lunch. It’s all definitely a challenge! That’s why in our house we just let Harry Hamlin be God and it seems to do the trick. I leave him alone, Lorena and I handle almost everything, and if we really need him, we ask, but other than that, I am fortunate enough to have Lorena helping me, so I don’t have to ask God for much.

Yolanda Has a Great Idea

I love watching Erika, don’t you? She’s so confident and passionate about being and performing as Erika Jayne. Seeing her speak so confidently with David Foster about her music was impressive. I mean, he’s one of the most respected music producers of our time and she just owns it while speaking about her own music. It’s also a lot of fun watching her and her costume designer together. Those costumes are so Bob Mackie on steroids!! Hilarious to think of Erika Jayne performing in one of her costumes for the Pope. Good for her for knowing that probably wouldn’t be the best move! Like I said, I love watching Erika. She’s so fun and such a great addition to the group and she helped keep everything pretty light, warm and fuzzy up until that point.

Oh, and then there was Munchausen! Yep, I brought it up. So here’s what happened:

Kyle, Eileen and I were invited over to Lisa V’s to meet her new horses. The conversation of Yolanda and her health challenges came up as we have seen happen quite often these days and I took this opportunity to really open up to the girls. As we know, Lisa V. and Kyle have had numerous conversations questioning Yolanda’s health and her decisions and I felt safe among this group of friends to confide about how these same conversations were not only happening among our inner circle but in my outer circle of friends as well as with strangers. I am no doctor and I don’t claim to be a doctor, nor do I want to give anyone a diagnosis. The word Munchausen was brought to me by my friend that these girls do not personally know, and I felt this was a safe place to bring it up. There I said it. I did. I own it. I don’t feel good about it and I was very upset that I engaged in these conversations with others that are as naive as I am about Lyme Disease, but I did and I shared it with these women. I now know I need to tell Yolanda, as Eileen said, you need to talk to Yolanda about it, and I believe that to be true. So there you have it!

And now I wish your family a happy holiday full of joy, peace and love!

Until next week...



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