RHOBH Deep Dive: Everything Discussed During Reunion Part III

RHOBH Deep Dive: Everything Discussed During Reunion Part III

The reunion may be over, but there is still plenty to discuss.

By Megan Segura

Last but not least...that's certainly how the third part of the Beverly Hills reunion could be described. The final chapter was packed with several arguments, a few resolutions and one appearance from a former 'Wife. 

1. Lisa Vanderpump Has a Problem Apologizing

This season Eileen was troubled by the fact that Lisa V. wouldn't give her a sincere apology when Eileen admitted that Lisa's intense line of questioning about her marriage hurt her feelings. The subject of LVP not being able to apologize has come up on the show before. In fact, during Season 4, Kyle also tried to pull an apology out of her.

2. Erika vs. Kathryn

Erika and Kathryn may be on good terms now, but they both agree that between the "sniper" comment getting back to Lisa V. and the tumultuous dinner at Erika's home, they didn't get off to a great start. 

3. Brandi vs. Lisa Vanderpump

Brandi taped a video message to the other 'Wives, and while some were nicer than others, she made a point of telling Lisa V. that she thinks she's manipulative. 

LVP has gotten the manipulative comment before, but it didn't come from Brandi...

4. Ken vs. the Other Ladies

Lisa Rinna was more than a little upset over the harsh comments Ken made about her. Here they are in full:

Yolanda jumped in to say that she's also been on the receiving end of Ken's anger.

So the real question is, does Ken owe the ladies an apology?

5. Lisa and Kyle's Relationship

As Andy said, these two have had some ups and downs in their friendship, but both are clear that they cherish their relationship.

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