Yolanda Hadid Has One Goal for This Season's Reunion

Yolanda Hadid Has One Goal for This Season's Reunion

The Beverly Hills Housewife thinks ahead to the reunion and reveals what she hopes to get out of it.

Yolanda Says She Won't Be Confronting Anyone at the Reunion

The Season 6 reunion for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has not yet been filmed, but the big event is never far from the 'Wives' (or RHOBH fans') minds. While Yolanda Hadid was only able to participate in a small part of the Season 5 reunion, she's hoping to make a full return this year.

"I'm looking forward, I'm praying that my brain will be good," Yolanda told Bravotv.com. "Last year I showed up in a robe. I don't even know how I got my body there."

But while most Real Housewives come fully prepared to air out their grievances once the season is over, Yolanda has a different goal in mind. 

"I hope this year I can be dressed and feel good and can come and have a conversation from the heart. You know, I'm not here to prove [to] these women anything. I'm not here to judge any of them. Of course I'm going to defend my point of view, and I'm opinionated just like all of them." 

One of the biggest things that has helped Yolanda move forward is time. "Whatever people see on TV today was something we filmed six months ago. At that time, I'd been in bed and isolated from the world for so long. You know, my emotions...I was like an open sore. People didn't even need to talk to me. I could feel their energies just affecting me in a way that was very uncomfortable, but that's where I was at at that part of my journey, and I don't need to confront anything. I've already forgiven and moved on."

So how does she see this season's reunion ending?

"It's more about having a conversation and hopefully walking away from that reunion hugging and just getting on with life, because at the end of the day, none of it really matters, right? Especially in my journey."

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