Eden Sassoon: I'm Not Letting Rinna's Drama Be My Drama Anymore

Eden Sassoon: I'm Not Letting Rinna's Drama Be My Drama Anymore

Eden is ready for the other ladies to own their sh--.

Eden Sassoon Has a Message for Lisa Rinna

Thank God you all have eyes and ears, because Rinna CAN NOT get out of this one. 

I find it comical that she told Erika that I came to her about the conversation Dorit and I had about her behavior… is she having a relapse of her short-term memory loss?! I never spoke about that conversation until Rinna asked me, in Hong Kong, if Dorit had ever brought it up to me. I don’t lie; you all know this…So when she asked, I told her. But please, Rinna, DO NOT act as if I should have had your back when you have done nothing but make my life more difficult with these women. #BitchPlease 

And what is it that Erika has against me to agree with Rinna that I should have her back?! I guess because Rinna was the only one that had Erika’s back in Hong Kong, Erika will now just agree with anything she says?


I don’t want to be perceived as a troublemaker, because I’m not! I did speak up, Rinna, when I was asked on the boat if Dorit had said anything to me…but THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM, not mine! I don’t need to speak up any more than I did if I don’t want to... I’m not letting your drama be my drama anymore! And please, don’t try and give me a therapy session about my reactions to this situation and my family history. I have a great therapist… maybe you should go see her! #EvilEnergy

Well here we go… We’ve got the ladies circled up re-hashing Hong Kong. And once again, Rinna tries to throw me under the bus!


Who is getting sick of me staring into space? LOL, I can’t stand that #PantyGate is still going on… I can’t stand that husbands are involved… I can’t stand that no one can remember sh--… I pretty much just can’t stand anything, so I stare off into space and think about the positive things going on in my life. These women need to own their sh-- and move on!

And now for the part you’ve all been waiting for:

“I’ve given you so much of my time, my energy, my f---ing heart, you bitch!”

That’s right, Rinna, I have found my words. And don’t ever expect me to not speak up against your bullsh-- EVER again. You have treated me like garbage, thrown me to the wolves, and then manipulated me into thinking that I should still have your back. HELL NO. I am so glad to be the one to actual shock you by speaking up. Your face is priceless. That’s right, someone called you on your sh--. #IAmNotYourScapegoat

And Eileen… If you knew I was feeling dismissed, why didn’t you tell your crazy friend to stop being mean to me or just try to get to know me yourself? #SpareMe

Vanderpump tells me at the end that I do not need to be loved by everyone. You know, she is right. This is a hard journey to be on with these women. I didn’t handle everything correctly all the time, but if I did learn anything, it’s that I really don’t need everyone to love me. I have my close friends and family who are the love and light in my life, and that is what is important. 

Do I regret yelling at Rinna? Absolutely not, she had it coming. But do I regret the fact that you guys didn’t get to learn much about me this season because I was a bit scared? Absolutely!

If I have the chance to come back… you better believe that you will see the real me! To know me is to love me, and I hope you get that chance! 

Thanks for the support this season. I will see you guys soon. 


Eden Sassoon


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