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Eileen Davidson: What did Erika Ever Do to Have Her Body Discussed So Crudely?

Eileen talks about saying goodbye to her mother and has thoughts about that conversation between Dorit and PK.

By Eileen Davidson

Just when I thought I was getting an emotional reprieve…

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Going up to my mother’s house for the last time felt like a final goodbye to her. Even though I hold my mother in my heart, letting go of her things and her home felt like another way I was losing her.

My family and I have suffered an unbelievable amount of loss. My husband has been an incredible support system, but he’s grieving too. We’re all just trying to navigate this bumpy, winding road, hoping for it to smooth out eventually. But it has started to feel like it just keeps getting windier and bumpier.

I finally decided I needed someone like my amazing therapist Kelly to help me through this. Obviously, the journey is far from over, but it was a very helpful step.

Through all of this, I think about Jesse. He’s lost so many people on both sides of his family at such a young age. Going through what we all have, I’m reminded that our children are so much of what make life important and worth living. And having my kids, Jesse, Duke, and Vinny, is such an incredible gift.

Watching everyone else with their kids this week was a gift too. Lisa R.’s girls Delilah and Amelia are not only stunning, but they are hilarious. Seriously, someone get these girls a spin-off show!

Lisa Rinna's Daughter Is Scaring Her

I’m so glad they are thriving, and I’d like to thank them both for instilling the fear of God in me for when Jesse starts to date…in 35 years, hopefully.

Kyle bringing Sophia to New York, just the two of them, is a great idea. It’s hard to believe Sophia, eight inches taller than Kyle, is only 16. She’s so poised and beautiful. But then she gives Kyle a hard time about eating fruit at breakfast and her teenage-ness is obvious. It’s hilarious and tragic that she and Kyle are so alike in their anxieties. But if that’s the trade off for inheriting all of Kyle’s great qualities, I think Sophia’s getting a pretty great deal.

I know Dorit is concerned about her kids, and every mother, including myself, can relate. I want to let her know, her beautiful children are going to be just fine. We’ve all been through the trials and tribulations of our kids growing up. Even Delilah, who’s now a model!

I once heard that having kids is like wearing your heart outside your body. That’s exactly what it feels like to be a mother.

Now for a complete 180, but it has to be discussed:

What did Erika ever do to have her body discussed so crudely? It was obvious she was not intentionally flashing anybody. She was sitting with a napkin over her lap in the company of friends. And even if she were INADVERTENTLY exposed for a second, then the right action would have been for PK to let his wife know, so she could discreetly tell Erika. And the idiocy of him saying, “Maybe Erika’s bits are available for the world?” No, PK. Erika’s body is hers, and talking about her like she’s an object is not acceptable.

Dorit's Husband Didn't Mind the View

Erika is a wife, a mother, and an all-around terrific human being. I was shocked by the vulgarity in which PK and Dorit chose to discuss this situation.

It’s unfortunate that this is how Erika and Dorit are getting to know each other. I like them both, and I was hoping they would be good friends. Chances are…?

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