Poll: Can You Wear Wedges After Dark? Erika Girardi Doesn’t Think So

Is this footwear only for daytime, or can you rock a wedge at night? Weigh in on this #RHOBH conundrum.   

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When Lisa Vanderpump throws a party, she throws a party. Her parties usually have a theme, are always fabulous, and are usually pink. So when we heard that she was throwing a Diamonds and Rosé soiree (not apologizing for that rhyme), we weren't too surprised that it had a dress code, Kevin Lee, and mini-ponies in tutus. But to say that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies struggled is an understatement...Kyle Richards had to do what we all did when we were in middle school and cut her own pants. Evidence in the video above. 

But Erika Girardi pointed out a possible flaw in this diamond party. When she listed Lisa's dress requirements to Creative Director Mikey and crew—"Pink, sparkles, wait for it, wedge heels"—the team cried out in horror. "Wedges?! Who wears wedges after dark?!" Mikey exclaimed. Erika clarified, "We're not doing wedges, that's not our gig." Mikey, who let's remember has given us these timeless words to live by, then sounded off, "That does not say 90210 to me..." which Erika finished, "It says 9021 no thank you!" Ah, we love some rhyming shade. As we can see, Erika did not wear wedges, as promised. Apparently, it really isn't her gig. 

But Mikey's dismay got us thinking, can you wear wedges at night? Of all people, Lisa Vanderpump is a footwear expert (Remember when Christian Louboutin signed her shoes?!). Would you adhere to the dress code, or are you a rule breaker like Erika? Vote now. 

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