Sonja Morgan's Commandments for Going Commando

Sonja Morgan's Commandments for Going Commando

We went straight to the expert for advice.

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As The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continue to debate #PantyGate, one expert on the subject has come forward to offer her best tips for going sans underwear. Sonja Morgan of The Real Housewives of New York City has never been shy on the topic, and as her Season 6 tagline says, "Sometimes Sonja has to go commando!" Here are her personal commandments for getting it right.

1. Thou's dress should be long enough and tight enough.

"When going commando, do make sure your dress is snug fitting and long enough to conceal your bits," advises Sonja. "That's of course your excuse for going commando in the first place: not wanting to show panty lines because your dress is tight."

2. Thou shall keep her knees together.

"Make sure you always cross your legs or keep your knees together at all times or else you will start a scandal." No one knows that better than Erika Girardi.

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3. Thou shall not bend over.

"Do not bend over to pick up anything," warns Sonja. "Even your mascarade mask that Jill Zarin purposely throws to the floor. I know this very well from experience."

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4. Thou shall reserve a sneak peek for her significant other.

"Be sure to inadvertently forget to cross your legs for a second when facing your lover or significant other across the room before leaving for the evening back home together. Especially when he wants to stay and party and you are want to go!"

5. Thou shall be well groomed.

"Always be well manicured in the nether regions," says Sonja. "One doesn't want to be anticlimactic when inviting."

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