Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: I Continue to Try and Find the Positives in Dorit

"...I think if we work on our communication, we can be good again."

This Is Why Dorit Didn't Laugh at the Ball Gag Gift
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Now that you all know the specific size of my breast implants, is there anything else left to share?? I knew the aesthetics question was coming, and I want to reiterate: I misspoke in what I wanted to convey. Obviously, I care about how I look and whatnot, but I'm not one to talk about material things or throw outlandish parties. That’s what I meant.

Yes, I wind Dorit up. That’s the job God that bestowed upon me when he granted me my “holier than thou” position. This is an actual shot of me getting to work right before the reunion:

Yet you can still see that during my lunch with Kyle, I continue to try and find the positives in Dorit. Like last week, when I got many comments about her offering the advice about adopting a dog from Vanderpump Dogs while I was talking about my IVF struggles, I laughed it off because part of me feels like she just doesn’t think about what she’s saying (and will do anything to plug something to prove she’s a great friend). But, again, I’m starting to learn my lesson watching back. 

Thing is, even seeing clips and knowing what has happened is documented, Dorit still lives in an alternate universe. They literally show the clip of her complaining about the glass (again) to Rinna, but two minutes later when we’re discussing it, she says all she did was mention it to the bartender when she wanted a refill (which is also wrong, because she passive-aggressively made the original comment when her first drink was filled when I had her come over, ugh, can you believe it— early *eyerolleyerolleyeroll*). But I really do appreciate Dorit finally apologizing for making me feel uncomfortable in my own home. Like she says, I think if we really work on our ability to communicate, we can be good again.

Until next week, when we finally find out the most pressing matter: Do I raise up or do I get the f--- out?!

XX Teddi

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