Denise Richards: You Have to Be Able to Laugh at Yourself

Denise Richards: You Have to Be Able to Laugh at Yourself

Denise reacts to her no-filter moment on this week's episode.

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Raise your hand if you sometimes have no filter and have a naughty conversation with the girls haha... This week was my turn! I learned a long time ago you have to be able to laugh at yourself, and hopefully I was able to provide the entertainment for a bit.

Getting into this week's episode, how fun did Dorit’s swimwear shoot look? If I could pick one of the ladies to help add the sexy, it would be Erika, so I think she made the right choice there, and the result was super hot. 

This week was the first time I got a chance to visit Lisa Vanderpump's house, which I was dying to see. I know she’s also a huge animal lover and that Lola and Eloise would really enjoy seeing them, especially the ponies. Her place is amazing, and we all had a really nice visit. I’m still trying to find the Swan Shop by the way, haha. 

Circling back to last week, you guys know Aaron and I are planning our wedding. It’s been something we’ve wanted to do for a while, but I have to admit trying to pull it off in a week is still quite the challenge. With it not being either of our first marriages, I think it really does take the edge off, and we both have a very relaxed approach towards it. However, I certainly won’t be getting my dress off Amazon! The day will be magical no matter what, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all. 

As you can see this week ends at Camille’s 50th. The party was fab, and she looked amazing. It was nice to see the tequila buzz strike someone else that night! Kyle was so fun, and how impressive are those splits? The only thing I can say about the dog situation is that I hope it brings awareness to pet adoption. Being a huge animal advocate, if we see more people choosing to adopt than shop, that will be a positive outcome! 


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